Your Shadow Half Remains

Coming February 2024

Riley has not seen a single human face in longer than she can reckon. No faces, no eyes. Not if you want to survive.

But when a new neighbor moves in down the road, Riley’s overwhelming need for human contact makes her throw caution to the wind. Somehow, in this world where other people can mean a gruesome, bloody death, Ellis makes her feel safe. As they grow closer, Riley’s grip on reality begins to slip and she can no longer fight her deepest desires.

All Riley wants to do is look.

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“Astonishing. Intense, atmospheric, unnerving, absolutely oozing with dread. As profoundly moving as it is terrifying, and oh hell is it terrifying. A beautiful nightmare. A must-read.” —Rachel Harrison, national bestselling author of Cackle and Such Sharp Teeth

“Gorgeously written and impossible to put down, Your Shadow Half Remains captures something fundamental about our current era with breathtaking accuracy. Alongside the mounting dread, Moraine evokes a loneliness and an aching for simple human connection that’s so palpable you can’t not recognize it as your own.” —Nat Cassidy, author of Mary: An Awakening of Terror and Nestlings

“Tense, gripping, and deeply human. This is the kind of story that gets under your skin.” —A.C. Wise, author of Wendy, Darling and Hooked

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