and now my tale is told

So Sword and Star - the final book in the Root Code trilogy (by the way, it honestly continues to be somewhat frustrating to have a trilogy split between two different publishers) - has been out for a month now, and it's kind of interesting to look back at its trajectory and its place in... Continue Reading →

the earth gives forth wonders

Just finished going back through The Waste Lands (The Dark Tower book 3) and trying very hard not to cry. Not because the ending itself is emotional - it ends on a rather infuriating cliffhanger, actually - but simply because this brings back everything about these books which meant so much to me at a... Continue Reading →

2014 in Writing

So it was a year. It was a tough year, and that affected my writing a good bit. Last spring I found out that I was going to lose my doctoral funding - which for a variety of reasons was not handled particularly well, by them or by me. It was just... it was a... Continue Reading →

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