Sword and Star cover reveal!

As usual I'm behind getting something here on the actual blog, but the cover for Sword and Star, the final book in the Root Code trilogy, is now out there in the wild (kinda already included it in my Award Eligibility post). Soak in its pretty: It's also up for pre-order. Release date is December... Continue Reading →

Very late blog post roundup

My blog tour in support of my latest book release - Fall and Rising - has concluded (a while ago, d'oh) and I thought I'd real quick do a thing on the posts I wrote for it, because I'm pleased with them and you may be interested. On the process of making the damn book... Continue Reading →


I've been completely neglecting this book because a lot of other projects have been heating up - some of them super-secret as yet but I can't wait to talk about them so STAY TUNED - but there's news about my big gay mythic-SF novel: IT IS NOW UP FOR PREORDER ON SAMHAIN'S SITE. And here's... Continue Reading →

LABYRINTHIAN cover art. At last.

Why yes, that does look more than a little bit like Sufjan Stevens. Let's all take a second to enjoy that. Here, this might help. Sisyphus "Take Me" (NSFW) from Ryan Dickie on Vimeo. Expect a lot more yelling and flailing soon.

I got an early Christmas present

Yesterday I received an unexpected package. Yes, that is what it looks like. I didn't honestly expect to get my contributor copies until mid-January at the earliest, so this is fantastic. Just in time for gifting. In a couple of weeks I'll be giving away one of these babies, signed. Stay tuned.

Writerly updates

I'm planning to actually do a Sunday linkdump later this evening - shock! - but for the moment here's a roundup of some stuff that's been going on in the writing area of my life recently: I'm writing yet another novel. More specifically, I'm over 45k words into another novel after less than two weeks... Continue Reading →

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