I've been completely neglecting this book because a lot of other projects have been heating up - some of them super-secret as yet but I can't wait to talk about them so STAY TUNED - but there's news about my big gay mythic-SF novel: IT IS NOW UP FOR PREORDER ON SAMHAIN'S SITE. And here's... Continue Reading →

LABYRINTHIAN: first look!

I wasn't going to launch into promo for this book until September, but whatever, it's almost September, and I want to. So here's the first chapter of Labyrinthian, which - recap - is coming out in January from Samhain Publishing. It's a (very, very loose) retelling of the myth of Theseus and the Minotaur IN... Continue Reading →

LABYRINTHIAN cover art. At last.

Why yes, that does look more than a little bit like Sufjan Stevens. Let's all take a second to enjoy that. Here, this might help. Sisyphus "Take Me" (NSFW) from Ryan Dickie on Vimeo. Expect a lot more yelling and flailing soon.

LABYRINTHIAN score, part the first

As I'm going through the edits for Labyrinthian and reacquainting myself with the sense of it as a story, it strikes me again that it feels very cinematic as I write it. And I know I'm not the only one who does the fitting-of-movie-scores to my stuff. So here, as part of my process, is... Continue Reading →

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