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RAVENFALL: win free books and handmade jewelry by me

Ravenfall comes out this week on the 6th, so I want to celebrate by giving things away, because it pleases me to do so. Starting on the 10th and running through the 16th, I’ll be drawing a name every other day; that person will win free copies of Crowflight and Ravenfall in your choice of ebook formats, and the bracelet (made by me) marked below.


all together now!

“Blood and Moonlight” – August 10

“The Lady’s Silver” – August 12

“Wing and Bone” – August 14

“Flight to the Stars” – August 16

Enter below! Promise I will not use your contact info for any sinister demon-summoning rituals.

Stories and Shark Teeth: a comparison

Tiger shark teeth on shell, with garnet

I recently started an Etsy shop, which is really only tangentially related to my writing, except that, like my writing, it supplements a very modest graduate student stipend. Except the two are related in some other ways as well.

Everything creative has a process, this included. Making these things is clearly a very different process from writing a story, at least in some ways. But they’re both active, both potentially arduous, both painstaking. They both may involve a lot of time. On the one hand the payoff is uncertain, but on the other hand there’s immediate payoff in the form of pleasure in the act of creation.

Both do not begin so much in creation as in the act of finding.

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