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On tap in 2015

Need to do one of those yearly round-up things, which I will probably actually do on New Year’s Day since I decided to try to finish a novel before then. But now, while I have my coffee, here are some of the things you can expect to see from me in the next year:

  • Labyrinthian (January 20, preorder the ebook and/or trade paperback here)
  • Two novels I can’t talk about yet. Guys, I can’t wait until I can. It’s so goddamn awesome.
  • “Love Letters to Things Lost and Gained”, which will be in the January issue of Uncanny Magazine
  • “A Shadow on the Sky” in the February issue of Mythic Delirum
  • “Come My Love and I’ll Tell You a Tale” in the March issue of Shimmer
  • “The Horse Latitudes”, which originally appeared in Ideomancer and is being reprinted in The Humanity of Monsters which will get a November release from ChiZine. Check out the full table of contents here, there are some incredible names attached to this.
  • “It is Healing, It is Never Whole” in a future issue of Apex Magazine. The date on this one is very, very up in the air but I believe it’ll be at some point in 2015.

And those are the things that are confirmed or semi-confirmed. There are other things that are so up in the air that I can’t say anything, but I’m hoping to be able to do so soon. And of course a lot can happen between now and 2016. Looks like a pretty decent year.