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A Brief History of the Future: collected essays

As an author, scholar, and essayist, Sunny Moraine has mused on a variety of things in a variety of ways. In this collection, spanning over two years of work, they make their way through thoughts on the form and business of writing, the nature and meaning of games, the interweaving of society and technology, and the anxieties, awkwardnesses, and hopes of the everyday.

Gently humorous, self-deprecating, and occasionally painfully honest, these essays offer a journey through a process of body, heart, and mind, and hints of what waits beyond.




Creative Nonfiction (as Sarah Wanenchak)

“Testimonials of a Fragment of Code” – Cyborgology
“Dispatches from Ephemeral Social Media” – Cyborgology
“Boston, Trauma, and the Closed Loop” – Cyborgology
“Cyborg Writing: Becoming the tools” – Cyborgology
“Thirteen Ways of Looking at Livejournal” – Cyborgology

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