If you’re wanting to dig your toes into this section of my oeuvre, there follows a (periodically updated) list of some of my faves of what I’ve written so far, organized by fandom.

Everything here and a whole heck of a lot more can be found at my AO3 page.

Harsh Realm 

Heaven’s So Big There Ain’t No Need to Look Up | Rated E | Tom Hobbes/Mike Pinocchio | 22,558 words | complete

Two and a half years after the war ended and the game was won, and two years after Mike Pinocchio disappeared without a word, Tom Hobbes comes looking for him. The reunion doesn’t start the way he expected. Then nothing else goes the way he expected, either.

(Tiny dead fandom from a canon no one remembers but I wrote this fic over the span of 24 hours and fucking Christ I love it more than I can express. If you want to look at it I don’t think knowledge of the canon is super necessary; all you need to know is these are two soldiers who went to war against a dictator inside a computer game and one of them was constantly a grouch about the other one. Also since I wrote this it has ballooned into its own little ongoing epilogue universe because what even is my brain.)

Grace Upon This Road Less Traveled | Rated E | Tom Hobbes/Mike Pinocchio, Mike Pinocchio/Original Character(s) | 23,887 words | complete

Long after Tom has given up on Mike telling him what happened to give him his scars in the time they were apart, Mike surprises him with the whole story.

And it’s both worse and better than he ever imagined.

(Three years after the fic above, a nearly identical creative storm overtook me and I did it again: 22k+ words in about 24 hours. I love this one so much. It’s also much darker, please pay attention to the tags. But while it starts in the darkest place it’s really a story of a journey back into the light. Complete with Mary Oliver poetry because of course.)


When It’s Right It’ll Find You | Rated E | Corvo Attano/The Outsider, Corvo Attano & The Outsider | 37,702 words | complete

It’s been a few thousand years since the Outsider was human, and now that he is again, he doesn’t feel like he’s very good at it. So when he doesn’t know what else to do, he goes to find the one real friend he has left. 

And then things happen.

(This is also legitimately among my very favorites of anything I’ve ever written.)

All Our Tomorrows | Rated E | Corvo Attano/The Outsider, Corvo Attano & The Outsider | 20,692 words | ongoing/on hiatus

The Outsider is human, Corvo is falling in love with him, and it’s all kind of a confusing mess. But everything will be all right in the end. The important thing is that we try. 

(A companion to When It’s Right It’ll Find You, of snippets, missing scenes, and continuations in different POVS.)

I’ve Found My Place, I’m Safe and Sound | Rated E | Corvo Attano/The Outsider, Corvo Attano/Emily Kaldwin, Corvo Attano/Emily Kaldwin/The Outsider | 197,340 words | complete

Emily Kaldwin is on the throne, Dunwall is rebuilding, and Corvo Attano desperately wants to move on. Of course he can’t. Of course when he tries he finds himself moving in some absolutely horrifying directions.


Everything I Love is Out to Sea | Rated E | Corvo Attano/Callista Curnow | 32,387 words | complete 

Weeks after the end of the Interregnum, Corvo Attano is struggling to help his daughter begin her reign and rebuild her city, all while wrestling with his own ghosts. He’s not the only one haunted.

(My attempt at writing an aromantic sexual relationship based primarily on companionship and friendship, I really like how it came out.)

The Walking Dead 

I’ll Be Yours For a Song | Rated E | Beth Greene/Daryl Dixon | 381,765 words | complete

In a small town where he doesn’t expect to stay long, Daryl Dixon comes upon a girl walking by the side of the road at two in the morning, soaked to the skin. He could offer to drive her home. But he very much wants to not seem like a creep. He also doesn’t want to just leave her there. 

He has no idea what he’s getting into. 

(Author’s Note: This ridiculous fucking thing is extremely close to my heart.)

Everything Where it Belongs | Rated E | Beth Greene/Daryl Dixon | 223,627 words | complete

It’s been months since Grady, and Beth is haunted by the spectre of Daryl shot dead right before her eyes – and haunted even more by the conviction that it was all her fault. But he isn’t quite as dead as he was supposed to be.

And she’s not sure which is worse.

(Again, for the love of God read the tags)

Safe Up Here With You | Rated E | Beth Greene/Daryl Dixon | 70,260 words | complete

On a return trip to Grady, Daryl and Aaron make a discovery Daryl never would have imagined and never would have wanted to: Beth survived. And doesn’t believe she did. 

Of course Daryl believes he’s the only one who can bring her back. And they can’t go home until he does.

Your Place in the Family of Things | Rated E | Maggie Greene/Daryl Dixon | 32,665 words | complete

A year after Glenn’s death, Maggie is building a life for herself and her infant son at the Hilltop. It’s working. She’s making it work. But in a way she can’t define and can’t escape, she’s alone. She’s in pain. And she’s not the only one.

The Good Stars | Rated M | Beth Greene/Daryl Dixon | 327,902 words | ongoing

The world has gone to hell, the dead are walking, and Daryl Dixon is focused purely on keeping himself and his brother alive – until he performs a possibly foolish act of rescue, which will have consequences far greater and further-reaching than he ever could have imagined.

(Giant ridiculous canon rewrite)

Louder Than Sirens, Louder Than Bells | Rated E | Beth Greene/Daryl Dixon | 3344 words | complete 

Days after they ran from the funeral home, Daryl keeps going back to the doorway where he stood and listened to Beth sing. He’s starting to think about that room and about walking into it. About what they might do in there. But he can’t get her song out of his head.

I Bet You Didn’t Know Someone Could Love You This Much | Rated E | Beth Greene/Daryl Dixon | 10,423 words | complete 

Daryl’s back from hunting earlier than expected, with a prize to show off to Beth. Throw in an unexpectedly open door, weeks of tension, a very different kind of showing off, and a decision to not walk away, and… Well. Watch what happens.

And I’m Crashing Into You | Rated E | Beth Greene/Daryl Dixon | 6588 words | complete 

When Beth came back alive, everything pretty was worn out of her. But that doesn’t mean she doesn’t miss it. It doesn’t mean she doesn’t miss what she’s lost. And it doesn’t mean she doesn’t want Daryl to help her find it again.

If the Stars Are Eternal So Are You and I | Rated T | Beth Greene/Daryl Dixon | 2713 words | complete 

“Oh”, and what might have come after.

(Author’s Note: First thing I ever wrote in this fandom)

We’ll Scream Our Names to the Heavens and the Plains | Rated T | Beth Greene/Daryl Dixon | 1682 words | complete

Later, much later, they tell stories about the first night she came back to him. The question is which one is true. The other question is whether it matters.

Got a Taste for the Cherry, I Just Need to Take a Bite | Rated E | Beth Greene/Daryl Dixon/Rick Grimes | 77,364 words | kinda complete?

Rick Grimes doesn’t think about how he doesn’t get laid anymore. Then there’s Beth Greene, a sundress, a rainstorm, and he can’t think about anything else. It’s pretty much all downhill from there.

Bioshock Infinite 

All the Worlds Aflame | Rated T | Elizabeth/Daisy Fitzroy | 2264 words | complete

Some choices are illusions. But some mean everything.

Enslaved: Odyssey to the West

Against the Wind | Rated T | Trip/Monkey | 7590 words | complete

Post-game. Freedom means the burden of making choices, and the consequences that come with them.

It Is Steep, It Is Stone | Rated M | Trip/Monkey | 10,537 words | complete 

Beginnings are very delicate times.


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