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Sale: “Dead Man Watching”.

Just sold my short story “Dead Man Watching” to Not One of Us, probably for the #45 April issue, though it might end up being in a different one. “Dead Man Watching” is kind of a ghost story–I seem to write a lot of those–and kind of a love story–though not a happy one. It began with the image of a man seated at a kitchen table, staring at the world through his own transparent hands, and it developed from there into the story of a woman who can’t let go and the man she can’t let go of.

He watches TV. He reads. He does both at the same time, the same amount of fractured half-attention given to each, until he’s sure that nothing from either medium is sticking, and the TV goes off and the book goes down and he sits in his coldness on the sofa, listening to the traffic through the open window. They had picked out this apartment together. He remembers that. This was going to be their home, and now it is, but he thinks that might just be because they don’t know what else to call it.

He goes to the window and looks down. City pavement, people walking, cars and a garbage truck making its way up the opposite side of the street. Dogs barking on leashes, two at once, tangling up with each other. He remembers walking outside, walking with her, simple pleasure never appreciated at the time. He often wonders, these days, if she had thought this through at all. He wonders whether anyone told her to stop, think, just think about what this means, just really think about it.

Maybe she had. Maybe, from the depths of her pain, she had thought it through as well as anyone ever could have done. And maybe that’s why he still doesn’t blame her.

I’ll post when the issue is available for sale–single current issues can be bought individually–but subscriptions are also very reasonable and very worth it. It’s a zine known for putting good work out there; it’s not uncommon for stories published in it to be selected for Year’s Best anthologies, etc.

This is another one that’s been waiting for just the right home; I’m glad I finally found it one.

Woot, sale

My post-apocalyptic short “Centralia” to M-Brane SF, issue #21. I’ve been looking for a good place for this odd little tale for a while now, and I’m glad that I finally seem to have found one.


My lesbian fantasy short “The Art of Storm-Riding” to EM Lynley’s Rumpledsilksheets lesbian fairy tales anthology, coming soon (or so we hope) from Ravenous Romance.  It’s a retelling of the German fairy tale “The White Cat”, which has been knocking around in the back of my head since I was a child, and which I have actually attempted to retell three times now. Guess three’s the charm.

It’s a little weird–in addition to the lesbian twist, it’s set in North Africa and plays around with Egyptian mythology a bit–and I thought I was taking kind of a chance on it, but the weirdness of it seems to have paid off in terms of setting it apart in a favorable light, or so Lynley tells me.

In any case, I’m excited to be included, and I can’t wait to see the whole anthology. As always, watch this space for news.

I’m alive!

Somewhere in there I got married and went on a two week honeymoon, but I’m back with some news: My long short story/shortish novellette that also happens to be a novel prequel, “Thin Spun”, has been accepted to Flyleaf Press’s anthology Hellebore and Rue: Tales of Queer Women and Magic. Also, my science fiction retelling of “The Fisherman and the Jinni” from 1001 Nights, “Catch and Release”, has been accepted to Circlet Press’s Like a Veil: Erotic Arabian Nights anthology.

And Three Dollar Bill Reviews has given Queerpunk a very nice nod, including some love for my story:

A close second for my favorite, “Upload” by Sunny Moraine, is the piece that’s doing the most work on actually addressing the issue of queer identities in cyberspace. In a stunning vision of cybersex reimagined, two women reunite and transcend and become, in coming, something truly beyond two women in love. Clever and visual and compelling … Moraine manages to tackle questions of lesbian connection and empowerment, and how they change in the absence of physicality and organic connection. All in the middle of one truly hot sex scene.

So that’s all pretty goddamn awesome, I think.

Sale, sort of.

So I got some really great news and some not so awesome news.

The really great news: My longish short story “The Cloak of Isis” is going to be included in the Scheherazade’s Facade anthology from Norilana Books, edited by the wonderful and hard-working Michael M. Jones. I was super excited by this anthology when I first heard about it and I can’t tell you how happy I am to be in there. I think it’s going to be awesome.

In addition, this is the first time I’ll have a story in PRINT. Yes, in a real book that you can hold in your hands. As much as I love and believe in e-publishing, the bibliophile in me loves the sheer sensual experience of a print book, so this has been something I’ve been hoping for a while now.

The not so awesome news, though it’s by no means awful: For various reasons, a lot of Norilana’s scheduled releases have been pushed back a full year. So instead of October 2010, the release date for Scheherazade’s Facade is now October 2011. It’ll still come out and it’ll still be great… it’s just going to be a while.

In the meantime, the editor will be looking around to see if another publisher might be interested in picking up and releasing the anthology. So there’s a chance it might come out sooner. I’ll naturally post with news once/if I have any.

But yeah, on balance, this is terrific. I don’t care if I have to wait. I am excited.

Another sale

My M/M werewolf novelette In the Pale Moonlight to Liquid Silver Books, release date to be determined. I’ve had this thing sitting around for a while waiting for the right place to lay its head, so I’m glad that place seems to have produced itself.

Also, the editing is done on Hieros and as far as I know we’re just waiting on the cover art. It will hopefully be released soon.

New sale

My paranormal F/F short piece, “Truth & Dare” (formerly “Mind’s Eye”) to Ravenous Romance, who are looking to expand their lesbian fiction line. Another odd little thing that I’m happy has found a home.

Stay tuned for updates.


“Upload”, a short work of F/F erotic cyberpunk, to Circlet Press’s Queerpunk anthology. Don’t know yet when exactly the release date will be, but they said sometime in the next three months, so will naturally update when there’s more to say.


We Are Such Stuff, to Torquere Press for their Sips line. It’s a kind of semi-cyberpunk thing, and another one of my “two people meet and the experience is transformative in some respect” pieces. I was worried I’d have a hard time placing it since it’s a little odd and doesn’t exactly have a happily-ever-after ending, but I’m glad it’s found a home.


My erotic fantasy novelette Hieros to Liquid Silver Books, to be published in a variety of e-book formats at… some date in the future as yet undetermined. There are some editing matters to take care of, a couple of places they’d like to see the story expanded, which I’m happy to do–I enjoyed the time I spent in Jaith and Shoa’s world and I’m looking forward to returning there to see what else they have to show me.

Aside from that, I’m thrilled that Liquid Silver specifically has picked up Hieros, as I absolutely love their cover art and I hear nothing but good things about how they treat their authors. There are few things better than to see a story you love handled well.