Novel news what is pretty damn exciting

So I've been yelling about this across various social media platforms, but here it is again: I have signed the contracts for my dark fantasy novel Crowflight (which was formerly known as A Murder of Crows), which will be released in September by Masque/Prime Books. Which is really very exciting except that now I have... Continue Reading →

Yay I sold a thing

Today, on the Feast of the Superb Owl, I got word that my shortish take on fairy tales and the Monstrous Feminine "To Increase His Wondrous Greatnesse More" is going to be published by Apex Magazine later this year. Which is happy-making. What's even more happy-making is that I've been feeling a little frustrated by... Continue Reading →

No, seriously, not dead yet.

Hi. Yeah, it's been a while. And while I really enjoyed the audio posts I was doing, I think I need to call a hiatus on them for the time being; some of it is hosting issues and a lot of it is just that lately I haven't felt much motivation to sit down in... Continue Reading →

On persistence.

So today I sold a story. The story in question is "Memento Mori", a strange, slightly surreal little piece that was hugely inspired by the closing passage of Bob Doto of Quiet Earth's review of Werner Herzog's My Son My Son What Have Ye Done, which remains one of the best movie reviews I have... Continue Reading →

Sale, and it’s an awesome one.

Got an email tonight that I was hoping for and very happy to get: My odd little bit of cyberpunk erotica, "Wetwire", has been accepted to the Agony & Ecstasy anthology coming out next fall from Berkley Books. The thing that kills me is that it's such a weird little story, I honestly never thought... Continue Reading →

MSF charity anthology: news

It gives me a lot of pleasure to announce that my short story "Starcrossed" will be featured in the anthology Help: Twelve Tales of Recovery, which will be a benefit for Médecins Sans Frontières. The story in question is yet another piece that ties into the universe of the novel that is currently in the... Continue Reading →

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