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Mrs. Giggles reviews Hieros

And though I confess to feeling some trepidation when I realized that it might cross her radar, she seems to think it’s a decent read:

This is a pleasant erotic short interlude that offers just enough spice to make it worth the time. Those folks at Bel Ami may want to make a naughty film out of this one … if you are reading this one for the right reason – the boinking thing – you may not be disappointed. I know I’m not.

Thanks very much, Madame Giggles. I’m pleased (and relieved, whew) that you enjoyed it.

New review for Hieros

Rainbow Reviews has very kindly given Hieros a look, and they like what they see:

This was a short story but it packed a lot into those pages. The writing was very fluid and lyrical in tone. I could feel the youth and vitality of Jaith and Shoa right away … The ritual is well detailed and erotic. At times both boys are overwhelmed by the feelings and spirit of the mysteries unfolding. With roles reversed, becoming men to each other is even more unsettling. How do you move on from such an experience?

Thanks very much to them; this was a nice thing to wake up to this morning.

New review

Rainbow Reviews has very kindly (and favorably) reviewed the Torquere Taste Test I had a story in, with nice blurbs for me and my co-authors. Thanks, Rainbow Reviews!


The lovely Jenre has (positively) reviewed the Torquere Taste Test that I have a story in (along with two really great stories by JL Merrow and Mercy Loomis). The review is here.

I’ve also added a sidebar for reviews, since Like a Thorn has also gotten a couple.