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Another sale

My M/M werewolf novelette In the Pale Moonlight to Liquid Silver Books, release date to be determined. I’ve had this thing sitting around for a while waiting for the right place to lay its head, so I’m glad that place seems to have produced itself.

Also, the editing is done on Hieros and as far as I know we’re just waiting on the cover art. It will hopefully be released soon.

New sale

My paranormal F/F short piece, “Truth & Dare” (formerly “Mind’s Eye”) to Ravenous Romance, who are looking to expand their lesbian fiction line. Another odd little thing that I’m happy has found a home.

Stay tuned for updates.

Free story: And the Wanderings of Water

Today I present a short story that I wrote a good while ago, an artifact from a place in my life now long behind me but still present in a lot of ways. For two years, I lived near the Wissahickon Creek in Philadelphia; I knew it was long

Image by Vincent J. Brownbreath

beloved by poets, artists, and writers, going back to the earliest days of the city, and the more time I spent close to it, the more I came to see why.

The Wissahickon makes you want to try to capture something of it. I tried to do that here, and it became a setting for a theme that seems to be recurring in a lot of my work: two very different people meet each other and the experience is transformative in some respect. It’s also a ghost story, and a story about murder and despair, but mostly I think it’s about the way time bends in beautiful places, and the way they have of hanging on to you.

And the Wanderings of Water

They met by the creek. They kissed by the creek. One hot and sticky day in July, they made love by the creek, out there in the shameless open on a mossy rock with her skirt hitched up around her thighs and his breath panting into the crook of her neck. And when the night fell they lay by the creek, smudged with dirt, leaves in their hair, and he held her hand and talked about their future, about what would come after the summer. She was afraid of being seen but he shushed her and no one came, and no one saw them but the mourning doves and the grackles and the squirrels that crouched in the branches overhead and watched them with black raindrop eyes.

All these things happened. Lying there under the stars and feeling the fluttering rush of her heart, like a hummingbird beating its tiny wings against the inside of her ribcage, she was sure the summer would never end. But it did.

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Book launch

Taste Test: Scared Stiff is now on sale at Torquere Books, featuring “Summer in Canaan” by me, as well as two other stories that I’m sure are awesome, though I haven’t managed to sit my ass down and read them yet.

Three works of supernatural hotness, just in time for Halloween. Go pick it up!

Hey, there.

So this used to be kind of an academic blog, but at least for now it’s going to be mostly a place to talk about current and upcoming fiction projects.

Next up on the ledger: “Summer in Canaan” in Taste Test: Scared Stiff, coming on Oct. 21st from Torquere Press.

Jacob, a schoolteacher and writer in New York City, feels a certain malaise one summer and heads upstate to a remote cabin in the hopes of reigniting his creativity. Once there, he meets Aaron, a local young man with a mysterious air about him. As they slowly begin to form a friendship–and Jacob feels a potential spark of something else–it becomes clear that Aaron is more than he seems.

Have a taste under the cut.

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