WIP Wednesday: Untitled Dystopian Queer Angel(?) Novel

I've censored the following, in protest of a bill that gives any corporation and the US government the power to censor the internet--a bill that could pass THIS WEEK. To see the uncensored text, and to stop internet censorship, visit: http://americancensorship.org/posts/14157/uncensor I'm █████ to ████ █████ the ████ █████ I'm ███████ on. I ████, it... Continue Reading →

WIP Wednesday: The Horse Latitudes

The excerpt for this edition of WIP Wednesday is the story I talked about back on Monday--the one that, at times, practically edges into prose-poetry. It's a story that I've been waiting to write for a year, and it's huge and thematically sprawling and will probably need a lot of tightening in the editing phase.... Continue Reading →

Ravenous Romance Halloween sale

All this Halloween weekend, Ravenous Romance is offering all of its paranormal erotic romances for 50% off. This includes my lesbian short Truth & Dare. Charlie isn't reckless. She's not a woman who takes chances. But when the gorgeous, curvy brunette in the bar proposes a personal demonstration of a trick that will knock Charlie's... Continue Reading →

Sale: “Dead Man Watching”.

Just sold my short story "Dead Man Watching" to Not One of Us, probably for the #45 April issue, though it might end up being in a different one. "Dead Man Watching" is kind of a ghost story--I seem to write a lot of those--and kind of a love story--though not a happy one. It... Continue Reading →

New review for ItPM

It seems I have a fan in Daisiemae over at Night Owl Reviews; she's given In the Pale Moonlight four and a half stars and named it a Top Pick, and has some perfectly lovely things to say about it. For a novella that falls just under forty pages, it really packs a lot of... Continue Reading →

Book release

In the Pale Moonlight, my queer medieval werewolf novella--man, that's kind of a mouthful--is now on sale from Liquid Silver Books. You can find a sale page here, as well as an excerpt. My first release with LSB, Hieros, was pretty well received, and I hope this one will be as well, though it's really... Continue Reading →

In the Pale Moonlight – Cover!

The fabulous Christine Griffin has finished her cover for In the Pale Moonlight, and it is also appropriately fabulous, in my opinion: The book itself is still being polished, but hopefully will be released soon. Stay tuned for further news.

New release: Truth & Dare

My erotic supernatural lesbian short Truth & Dare is now on sale here. Truth & Dare started life as an attempt on my part to write sexual mind control, which is not really a Thing of mine but which I find kind of interesting in terms of the power dynamic it sets up. Like a... Continue Reading →

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