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In the Pale Moonlight – Cover!

The fabulous Christine Griffin has finished her cover for In the Pale Moonlight, and it is also appropriately fabulous, in my opinion:

The book itself is still being polished, but hopefully will be released soon. Stay tuned for further news.

Book launch – Like a Long Road Home

Like a Long Road Home, featuring my story “Neither Bird Nor Tree”, is now live in a variety of formats at the following places:

All Romance EBooks

A Kindle edition will be live by the end of the week. Circlet is having issues with their website’s shopping cart, but hopefully soon it’ll be there as well.

As to the story itself, it was a lot of fun to write, but it was also my first serious attempt at writing original post-apocalyptic fiction, which was an interesting experience. I drew some on The Road in terms of not making the cause or method of the cataclysm clear–it was the first time it occurred to me that it was actually okay to do that. The cataclysm itself isn’t the point. The point is the characters, what it means to find someone else at the end of the world you knew. It’s about connection–my main protagonist is a profoundly solitary man and has been for most of his life, and it’s only with the societal collapse and devastation that accompanies whatever It is that’s happened that he finally makes a real connection with someone else. Through that connection, he feels real in a way he hasn’t before. He is real because he matters to someone. The end of the world serves primarily to bring that into sharper relief.

The title comes from a poem by Sara Teasdale, which was used to great effect in the short story “There Will Come Soft Rains” by Ray Bradbury. That remains one of my favorite short stories ever, the first short story to affect me so profoundly, and I drew heavily on both it and the theme of the poem itself–that we are incidental, transient, that the world does not need us. If we vanished suddenly, it might never notice that we were gone at all, and might in fact be better for it.

What we find lasting meaning in is each other, in love and compassion for people outside ourselves.

Or it’s just some gay porn. Whatever.

And yes, the city in the story is Philadelphia. Chris lives–or lived–in South Philly.

Excerpt under the cut.

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Book launch!

My erotic m/m fantasy novelette Hieros is now on sale here. Have a gander at the cover art. Enjoy the blurb. Feast your eyes on the excerpt. Perhaps, if you desire to do so, pick up a copy.

Hieros – Cover art

The cover art for Hieros is finished, and man, is it awesome. I think so, anyway.

Christine Griffin is the culprit. She did a fantastic job (especially considering how little I gave her in the way of hard specs) and deserves buckets of praise.

Not sure yet when the book itself will be out. In the meantime, a blurb and a short excerpt can be found here.

Another sale

My M/M werewolf novelette In the Pale Moonlight to Liquid Silver Books, release date to be determined. I’ve had this thing sitting around for a while waiting for the right place to lay its head, so I’m glad that place seems to have produced itself.

Also, the editing is done on Hieros and as far as I know we’re just waiting on the cover art. It will hopefully be released soon.

Excerpt – Hieros

Not going to do an essay-thinger this week, since somehow I seem to have gotten sucked into editing two separate things (one shortly to be published, one not yet submitted), starting another short story, and there’s also still the novel I’m co-writing. And none of this is technically my day job, which also needs my attention. So in the interests of not being a bad grad student, I’m instead offering this excerpt of the thing I’m polishing for publication: my erotic m/m fantasy novelette Hieros, which I just got back from my editor. The story in question concerns two young friends who find themselves thrown together in a mysterious ritual, which has the potential to change their relationship forever.

Hieros will be released in (hopefully) the next few weeks, by Liquid Silver Books.

NSFW bit under the cut.

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New release

My new Torquere Sip We Are Such Stuff is now on sale here. It’s a short, vaguely cyberpunk-themed thing I wrote on a bit of a whim, and while there’s not much complicated about it, I feel like it goes to some interesting places and plays with some interesting imagery. It’s being marketed as romance but I’m not sure it falls entirely comfortably within that category–there is no happily-ever-after and not even really a happy-for-now. It’s not exactly erotica, either, though there is sex and it is explicit. I’m honestly not sure what the hell it is, except for the story of a momentary connection between two misfits in a world where connections rarely happen anymore.

Reyes is bored. A young man in a bleak future city of endless rain, he finds his entertainment in packed clubs, one-night stands, and the occasional drug. But when the mysterious Ethan catches his eye, he is led on a chase through a nighttime world of dreams and dreamers, a chase that could end in frustration–Or a truly new kind of pleasure.

Excerpt under the cut.
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We Are Such Stuff, to Torquere Press for their Sips line. It’s a kind of semi-cyberpunk thing, and another one of my “two people meet and the experience is transformative in some respect” pieces. I was worried I’d have a hard time placing it since it’s a little odd and doesn’t exactly have a happily-ever-after ending, but I’m glad it’s found a home.


My erotic fantasy novelette Hieros to Liquid Silver Books, to be published in a variety of e-book formats at… some date in the future as yet undetermined. There are some editing matters to take care of, a couple of places they’d like to see the story expanded, which I’m happy to do–I enjoyed the time I spent in Jaith and Shoa’s world and I’m looking forward to returning there to see what else they have to show me.

Aside from that, I’m thrilled that Liquid Silver specifically has picked up Hieros, as I absolutely love their cover art and I hear nothing but good things about how they treat their authors. There are few things better than to see a story you love handled well.


“Neither Bird Nor Tree”, to Circlet Press’s Like a Long Road Home anthology, release date to be announced. Post-apocalyptic m/m journey story, with Cormac McCarthy influences that I’m not even going to try to deny. I was deeply in love with this piece when I was writing it and I’m glad the good people at Circlet seem to have thought as much of it as I do.