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Falling Through the Screen: Gaming, storytelling, and why they need each other

I like stories. I’m invested in stories. I mean this literally: I’ve invested hours and hours and hours and hours of my life in stories. I’ve invested–I don’t know exactly how one would count non-caloric expenditure of human energy, but whatever it is, I’ve invested a lot of that in stories. I wouldn’t go so far as to say that stories have kept me alive–I’ve been fortunate enough that I’ve never yet been in circumstances that dire–but they have definitely made my life more worth living than it would be otherwise.

I’m also a gamer. All that stuff about time and energy? It applies here too. While I am a writer, I’m not a game designer, so I can’t claim any of that time and energy in creation. But I like games. I’m invested in them.

I’m a lover of stories and I’m a lover of video games. I don’t consider these identities disparate things.

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