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Quick Hellebore & Rue update

Life has a way of being inconvenient, and the release date for the book is now set for the end of November. Our fearless editors are pulling together some cool promo stuffage in the meantime, so stay tuned. Is gonna be awesome.

Ravenous Romance Halloween sale

All this Halloween weekend, Ravenous Romance is offering all of its paranormal erotic romances for 50% off. This includes my lesbian short Truth & Dare.

Charlie isn’t reckless. She’s not a woman who takes chances. But when the gorgeous, curvy brunette in the bar proposes a personal demonstration of a trick that will knock Charlie’s socks off, the offer is too intriguing to turn down.

Back in Charlie’s apartment, the trick does prove to be quite an experience. Without warning, Charlie finds her mind invaded by a force she can’t understand or resist… and resistance may not even be something she wants. With inhuman skill, the strange woman pulls back Charlie’s defenses, digging deeper into her past, forcing her to stand with her heart and mind exposed… and promising pleasure and release that will make it more than worth her while.

50% off in this case means it’s $1. Come on: ladies touching and mind control. You know you want to.

General news

10:30 PM EST Thursday October 7th (tomorrow), editors JoSelle Vanderhooft and Catherine Lundoff will be on Lara Zielinsky’s internet radio show “Readings in Lesbian and Bisexual Women’s Fiction” to discuss Hellebore & Rue and take questions from listeners. They’ll also be reading some excerpts. Should be awesome. Be sure to listen in.

Also, I’m going to be in the M-Brane SF quarterly print omnibus, coming out at the end of this month. Will post news when I have some.

Hellebore & Rue cover!

I think it’s absolutely fantastic. Probably my favorite cover of anything I’ve been involved in. The table of contents isn’t anything to sneeze at, either:

Counterbalance by Ruth Sorrell
Trouble Arrived by C.B. Calsing
Personal Demons by Jean Marie Ward
The Windskimmer by Connie Wilkins
Sky Lit Bargains by Kelly A. Harmon
Gloam by Quinn Smythwood
Witches Have Cats by Juliet Kemp
D is for Delicious by Steve Berman
And Out of the Strong Came Forth Sweetness by Lisa Nohealani Morton
Bridges and Lullabies by Rrain Prior
Thin Spun by Sunny Moraine
A State of Panic by Rachel Green

Ebook release is set for mid October at this point. This has been a great project to be part of and I can’t wait to see the final result.


My lesbian fantasy short “The Art of Storm-Riding” to EM Lynley’s Rumpledsilksheets lesbian fairy tales anthology, coming soon (or so we hope) from Ravenous Romance.  It’s a retelling of the German fairy tale “The White Cat”, which has been knocking around in the back of my head since I was a child, and which I have actually attempted to retell three times now. Guess three’s the charm.

It’s a little weird–in addition to the lesbian twist, it’s set in North Africa and plays around with Egyptian mythology a bit–and I thought I was taking kind of a chance on it, but the weirdness of it seems to have paid off in terms of setting it apart in a favorable light, or so Lynley tells me.

In any case, I’m excited to be included, and I can’t wait to see the whole anthology. As always, watch this space for news.

I’m alive!

Somewhere in there I got married and went on a two week honeymoon, but I’m back with some news: My long short story/shortish novellette that also happens to be a novel prequel, “Thin Spun”, has been accepted to Flyleaf Press’s anthology Hellebore and Rue: Tales of Queer Women and Magic. Also, my science fiction retelling of “The Fisherman and the Jinni” from 1001 Nights, “Catch and Release”, has been accepted to Circlet Press’s Like a Veil: Erotic Arabian Nights anthology.

And Three Dollar Bill Reviews has given Queerpunk a very nice nod, including some love for my story:

A close second for my favorite, “Upload” by Sunny Moraine, is the piece that’s doing the most work on actually addressing the issue of queer identities in cyberspace. In a stunning vision of cybersex reimagined, two women reunite and transcend and become, in coming, something truly beyond two women in love. Clever and visual and compelling … Moraine manages to tackle questions of lesbian connection and empowerment, and how they change in the absence of physicality and organic connection. All in the middle of one truly hot sex scene.

So that’s all pretty goddamn awesome, I think.

Book launch – Queerpunk

Queerpunk, which features my short story “Upload”, is now available in a variety of different formats from the following places:

Amazon Kindle store
All Romance E-books

Circlet is still having shopping cart issues, but it will be up there ASAP as well.

Queer sexuality has long defied the conventional standard of sexual expression; intersecting with the tech-driven backdrop of cyberpunk, it has now rewritten the rules completely. Queerpunk, with its collection of stories that revel in a near-futuristic vision of our own time, investigates the evolution of Queer sexuality under the smog-covered umbrella of urban and technological advancement. When the human body becomes a customizable canvas, either through mechanical implants or three-dimensional internet avatars, sexuality is given even more outlets from which to evolve. As the old social order succumbs to cyberspace’s commanding hand, Queer identity finds new nooks and crannies in which to root.

The stories that follow–“Rescue Wounds,” “Blindwire,” “Upload,” “The Real Thing,” and “Virgin”–craft worlds in which human connection punctures cyberpunk’s isolationist veil. In an otherwise impersonal and anonymous world, the bonds the characters forge through sexual expression shine a small bit of light onto the smoke, and a shred of warmth that pokes through the streams and pockets of internet data. Featuring authors Kal Cobalt, Eric Del Carlo, Sunny Moraine, R.E. Bond, and Kannan Feng, Queerpunk confronts this intersection and the question of what it means to be Queer in a world where the matter of identity has been revolutionized completely.

I love cyberpunk. I have since I was a freshman in high school and watching Ghost in the Shell for the first time and just starting to work out who the fuck William Gibson was. Cyberpunk is something that lends itself naturally to transgressiveness–of place and time, of geographical borders, of identity, of what’s real. So it also lends itself naturally to sex, and in this case to sex that reaches outside the norm of a lot of what I see in erotica. There’s death in here. There are sociopathic people, and sex that has very little meaning outside of two pieces of meat slamming into each other. There’s sex that provides a kind of healing to a profoundly damaged person, with faint echoes of The Matrix. There’s technology fetishism in here, which I found especially evocative, and which made me wonder: if a lot of sexual expression is culturally constructed, what will people’s kinks look like in fifty years? In a hundred?

Almost all of these stories are also about power and resistance, which is interesting in itself. Corporate power, governmental power, the power of massive institutions, and then the power that individuals exert over each other, and the power that someone can have over themselves. The power that the past has over the present and the future. The possibility of resisting external and internal control.

My story is very blatantly about resistance–my two main characters are the leaders of a gang of anti-corporate revolutionaries–but I wanted to particularly explore how cyberspace makes place and body and identity malleable, and to look at the vanishing line between humans and machines. Nothing very new, especially not in this genre, but I think I did pretty well with it. Hopefully you’ll think so too.

This is my third anthology with Circlet Press so far, and I have to say: I think it’s my favorite. And not just because I’m a contributor. There’s just so much to love in here. Circlet always puts out quality stuff, but I really think this is top of the line even for them. This isn’t just good porn, these are great stories, and I’m very happy that mine is among them. I can’t recommend it enough.

SFW excerpt under the cut.

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New release: Truth & Dare

My erotic supernatural lesbian short Truth & Dare is now on sale here.

Truth & Dare started life as an attempt on my part to write sexual mind control, which is not really a Thing of mine but which I find kind of interesting in terms of the power dynamic it sets up. Like a lot of what I write, I’m not really sure where the rest of it came from, but I do know that I’m just as attracted to the idea of emotional erotic domination as I am to the physical kind, and that features here pretty strongly. Also the idea of domination and submission as fundamentally both enlightening and liberating, which is a theme I return to now and then.

Daena is actually a figure in Zoroastrian mythology, representing insight and revelation; she meets you after your death and evaluates the worthiness of your soul. It’s mostly the name that’s borrowed here, though this can also be read as the figure herself being present. She does have powers, after all.

Generally SFW excerpt under the cut.

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Release (heh)

My short “In the Stacks” is up at Fishnet Magazine.

The story behind the story is a little funny, at least to me. A while ago, I worked for a little over a year in Inter-Library Loan at my college’s library (and it was seriously one of the most perfectly wonderful jobs I have ever had, if a bit dull). And I had always heard tales about how students would sneak into various shadowy corners there to fuck, though I never personally saw anyone in action or talked to anyone who claimed to have. But the idea kind of stuck with me, so one day when I sat down to write a quick little bit of porn, this is what happened. Incidentally, this is the only thing I’ve published to date that has no speculative element to speak of, which I think is kind of interesting.


A couple things

Fishnet Magazine, an online journal of erotica, will be publishing my short F/F piece “In the Stacks”; it was inspired by a job I used to hold in the UPenn library (though it is sadly not autobiographical); it’s also one of the earlier bits of original erotica that I wrote, as well as the only original thing I’ve sold to date that has no speculative element to speak of.

I’m not sure yet when the story will be up but I’ll obviously post a link here when it is.

And in other good news, the National Leather Association has made Like a Thorn a finalist for its Samois Anthology Award. Many thanks to them and hearty congrats to all the nominees.