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Good news, everyone!

My erotic lesbian (sort of kind of) fantasy short “The Kitsune’s Laughter” will be featured in the trickster-themed anthology Like a Cunning Plan!, coming soon from Circlet Press. Michael M. Jones is the editor, which means that, counting this, Scheherazade’s Facade, and Rumpled Silk Sheets, this is the third time we’ve been involved in a project together, which is happy-making. It’s fun to work with fun people.

This will also mark my fifth anthology publication with Circlet. Perhaps I can call myself a frequent contributor now?

Me, I’m trying to get back into the swing of things after the holidays, though I am still technically on winter break and will be until the end of the month. Some of the time is being taken up with a conference paper, and some of it should be taken up with the MA thesis that I’m avoiding, and some of the rest of it is going into an as-yet untitled story that I’m writing for Kasma SF, the money for which will be going to benefit The Trevor Project. In addition, I’m still hoping to get the novel–still wibbly on the title–out the door and enslushed in the next few weeks. And there are numerous other exciting projects on the horizon that I’m feeling pretty positive about.

All in all, I think I actually had a pretty good 2010. 2011 looks decent so far; here’s hoping it sticks with that all the way through for one and all.

Agony/Ecstasy update

Jane has the list of contributors for the Agony/Ecstasy anthology up over at Dear Author, plus short blurbs about each story. She has some very nice things to say about my story “Wetwire”. “‘I was free-drifting the night Kim neuroburned me.’ Different, unique, fresh is what I thought when I read this short.” Yay.

Check it out, along with tantalizing hints regarding what other goodies are in store. The whole thing is going to rock, basically.

Rumpledsilksheets (Rumpled Silk Sheets?) release

Rumpled Silk Sheets offers everything you expect in a fairy tale and in an erotic romance. These talented authors have taken some familiar tales-and a few not so familiar-in new and incredible directions.

Ride the desert sands with a girl who encounters a sexy incarnation of the Egyptian cat goddess Bastet and a Japanese maid who helps free her mistress from the human body trapping her heavenly spirit. We haven’t forgotten the witches and wolves, but you’ll also meet a Snow Bear whose gruff exterior hides a secret only a scared girl can unlock. Like a little pain with your pleasure? Then meet a delicate princess who longs for a lost lover’s firm touch instead of a traditional marriage that leaves her unmarked and unsatisfied.

Princess of Silk and Pain by Shanna Germain
Handsome and Gretel by Kilt Kilpatrick
The Art of Storm-Riding by Sunny Moraine
Red in the Hood by Vivica Lace
Hannah and the Witch by Michael Jones
Snow by Kenzie Mathews
The White Bride by G.G. Royale
Madame Blanche by Jean Roberta

They got my story slightly wrong–the woman Badra meets at the heart of the storm is cursed by Bastet, not an incarnation of her–but regardless, that is a stellar lineup right there. Pick up your copy here.

“The Art of Storm-Riding” started life as a very different story; it is actually my third attempt at a retelling of the German folktale “The White Cat”, which was a favorite of mine as a child. Both my previous attempts were decent but also much too conventional for me, and it wasn’t until I decided to radically shift the setting and the premise that it started to feel right. As it currently stands, it bears only the roughest resemblance to the original folktale, but I think what’s there is a neat twist on a classic form. I also like the idea of a fairy tale that ends in liberation for all the characters in a way that isn’t just another form of being boxed in, to marriage, to tradition, to family convention. Badra never would have stood for that and I wouldn’t have tried to force it on her.

The title comes from a poem by the Egyptian-Lebanese poet Yahia Lababidi, whose first couple of verses feel, to me, to be full of the same kind of unhinged power that sits at the heart of the story.

I could not decipher the living riddle of my body
put it to sleep when it hungered, and overfed it
when time came to dream

I nearly choked on the forked tongue of my spirit
between the real and the ideal, rejecting the one
and rejected by the other

I still have not mastered that art of storm-riding
without ears to apprehend howling winds
or eyes for rolling waves

Excerpt under the cut.

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Fictionwise is having a 50% off sale through the end of today. Use coupon code “blackfriday2010” at checkout.

Books I wrote/am in that you can get there:

Hieros (m/m fantasy)

Like a Thorn – “That Wicked Witchcraft” (m/f/f menage)

Like a Long Road Home – “Neither Bird Nor Tree” (m/m post-apocalypse)

Like a Veil – “Catch & Release” (m/f science fiction)

Queerpunk – “Upload” (f/f science fiction)

Ravenous Romance Halloween sale

All this Halloween weekend, Ravenous Romance is offering all of its paranormal erotic romances for 50% off. This includes my lesbian short Truth & Dare.

Charlie isn’t reckless. She’s not a woman who takes chances. But when the gorgeous, curvy brunette in the bar proposes a personal demonstration of a trick that will knock Charlie’s socks off, the offer is too intriguing to turn down.

Back in Charlie’s apartment, the trick does prove to be quite an experience. Without warning, Charlie finds her mind invaded by a force she can’t understand or resist… and resistance may not even be something she wants. With inhuman skill, the strange woman pulls back Charlie’s defenses, digging deeper into her past, forcing her to stand with her heart and mind exposed… and promising pleasure and release that will make it more than worth her while.

50% off in this case means it’s $1. Come on: ladies touching and mind control. You know you want to.

Sale, and it’s an awesome one.

Got an email tonight that I was hoping for and very happy to get: My odd little bit of cyberpunk erotica, “Wetwire”, has been accepted to the Agony & Ecstasy anthology coming out next fall from Berkley Books.

The thing that kills me is that it’s such a weird little story, I honestly never thought the editor would take it. I was mainlining William Gibson when I wrote it–more than normal, even, because it’s a Thing That I Do–and what started out as porn in my head turned into the exploration of two ideas that struck me as insanely interesting:

  • The people who occupy the liminal space between when a new technology is introduced to the world and when it finds a mass commercial use. Because in that space, innovators play with it and take it apart and use it for all kinds of crazy shit that didn’t occur to anyone. That kind of environment is where Apple and Microsoft were both born, and where the first internet communities sprang up. It’s where the really neat stuff happens.
  • The connections that technology can forge between the mind and the body. Cyberpunk is full of occurrences of the trope of technology freeing minds from bodies. I wanted to play with the idea of a kind of technology that would reconnect someone who feels like she’s losing touch with her own flesh.

I got so caught up in this stuff that I almost forgot the sex, and I was worried that the story lacked a center because of that. But apparently not. Apparently it’s good enough, anyway.

The anthology itself won’t actually be out in print for another year. But right now I’m more thrilled than impatient, so yay. As always, watch this space for news.

Live reading!

So it looks like I’ll be in Baltimore at 8 PM this Friday, reading some of my erotica at Sugar (very queer/woman-friendly sex toy store). I’ll be in the company of three other authors–Beth Wylde, Nobilis Reed, and Stephanie Burke–and it should be a great time, so if by some chance you’re in the area, come say hey.

Full info is here. The event is free.

As to what I’m reading… not sure yet. I’m leaning towards a couple different options. The thing about an event like this is that you’re always going to be sort of constrained by time–something that you can anticipate–and by the nature of your audience–which you can’t, so much. But I’ll probably be going with one of my lesbian stories. Possibly even one of my really early ones, which I think have aged relatively well for some reason. We’ll see.

This will also be the first reading I’ve ever done for an audience. So that’s a lot of fun, if slightly nerve-wracking.

Release: Like a Veil

Like a Veil: Erotic Tales of the Arabian Nights, which features my story “Catch and Release”, is now officially out in a variety of formats from a variety of places. It’s an awesome little collection.

My story is a science fiction retelling of the 1001 Nights story “The Fisherman and the Jinni”. It’s a very rough retelling, adopting more the spirit of the story than sticking close to the original plot, and at first I wasn’t entirely sure how to approach it. But I drew some parallels in my mind between djinn imprisoned in lamps and strange, powerful alien entities imprisoned in drifting capsules, and taking the story and giving it a scifi bent seemed like an interesting way of going after it. The story itself turned into something of a fable regarding wanting to belong while at the same time rebelling against the things that threaten to tie you down to the merely conventional. The setting of a rebuilt, futuristic Baghdad, constantly in the background, served as a nice focal point for these two warring strands of past and future, the impossibly ancient and the profoundly new.

I also love the idea of Suleiman drifting in the solar winds, picking up all the trash that our space-faring descendants would doubtlessly generate. It’s an image that’s stuck with me long after the story was done.

NSFW excerpt under the cut.

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My lesbian fantasy short “The Art of Storm-Riding” to EM Lynley’s Rumpledsilksheets lesbian fairy tales anthology, coming soon (or so we hope) from Ravenous Romance.  It’s a retelling of the German fairy tale “The White Cat”, which has been knocking around in the back of my head since I was a child, and which I have actually attempted to retell three times now. Guess three’s the charm.

It’s a little weird–in addition to the lesbian twist, it’s set in North Africa and plays around with Egyptian mythology a bit–and I thought I was taking kind of a chance on it, but the weirdness of it seems to have paid off in terms of setting it apart in a favorable light, or so Lynley tells me.

In any case, I’m excited to be included, and I can’t wait to see the whole anthology. As always, watch this space for news.

New review of Hieros

Night Owl Romance has given Hieros a really lovely review, for which I thank them heartily. Reviewer Daisiemae says that it definitely won’t be the last thing she reads from me–thanks very much, Daisiemae! That’s great to hear. I’m so glad you enjoyed the book.