My Capclave schedule!

It is thus: Friday | 5 PM-5:50 PM | Where Are The Happy Futures? Friday | 6 PM-6:50 PM | Writing in Multiple Genres Saturday | 10 AM-10:50 AM | Survival of the Short Form Sunday | 12 PM-12:50 PM | What To Do After The Rejection Letter Sunday | 1:30 PM-1:55 PM | Reading... Continue Reading →

Balticon schedule!

Because I'll be there this weekend. Come say hi if you'll be in the area. Saturday 23rd 11:00 AM Writing Diverse Characters: Archetypes vs. Stereotypes Derby Jennifer R Povey (M), Day Al-Mohamed, Stephanie Burke, Sunny Moraine, Don Sakers, Melissa Scott (50 minutes) A panel on handling diversity in fiction for less experienced writers, dealing with... Continue Reading →

Readercon recap sorta kinda not really

Because I'm too tired. Seriously. I got in this afternoon, ate a late lunch/early dinner, unpacked, and lay down for a few minutes. That was three hours ago (I was having the most delightfully surreal lucid dream when stupid husband woke me up). I've regained consciousness for a short time in order to do some... Continue Reading →

Mysticon schedule!

So the Mysticon programming has been finalized (only mostly, I hope, for reasons that will shortly become clear) and here's what I'll be doing (boy, I do seem to like bullet points lately, huh) (also parentheses): Fri 5:00 PM - Ballroom D | Losing Humanity to Artificial Intelligence: Society is so wound up in automation... Continue Reading →

Capclave 2012 Recap

As I'm sure you guessed from the post title, this is my Capclave 2012 recap. It was my first Capclave, and it's left me pretty goddamn wiped, so instead of writing something narratively coherent and richly descriptive I'm going to just vomit up a bunch of bullet points. If that's okay. The panels were great.... Continue Reading →

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