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A happy TWD fandom thing by me

So I wrote this a while ago, but I don’t think I ever posted about it here, and hey, for other fans of The Walking Dead and Beth Greene in these dark times, it might be a balm.

It’s also one of the things I’m most proud of that I’ve recently written, and part of me that wants to be a Serious Author is like THAT’S RIDICULOUS and the part of me that has a soul and enjoys fun is like whatever shut up.

Fic: If the Stars Are Eternal So Are You and I (Beth/Daryl, the funeral home and if things had gone differently).

They still sleep in shifts. When she’s taking hers he roams the house, quiet as he can, and he lingers when he comes back to her, watches her side and back and chest rise and fall with her breathing. Feels creepy. Can’t really help it. This is confusing and a little alarming. Even if he knew what to do about it he’s not sure he would be able to do anything at all.

It’s been a month.


You’d think at some point she would have finished that conversation.

And because I love reading aloud, I recorded a downloadable audio version.


A reading of “A Heap of Broken Images”

I recorded this a while ago but never did anything with it, so – Happy New Year – here is me reading my short story “A Heap of Broken Images”, for those of you who like your fiction audible. Hope you enjoy.

A Trick of Light is three years old; have a free story

Per the title above: This site is three years old on the dot today! Kind of can’t believe it. They grow up so fast.

In honor of the blogiversary, I’m posting a free story. It’s one that I’ve been working on for a while, that was inspired by a bunch of ideas from a bunch of different places. For those of us who prefer our fiction in audio format, I’m also including an mp3 of me reading the story. Whichever format you chose, I hope very much that you enjoy.

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Podcasty Thing (wow, it’s been a while) plus stuff

Yes, I’ve finally done another one of these. Yay. In here I talk about Scheherazade’s Facade, its path to publication, and the very awesome message that I think has been sent by the fact that it is fully funded and in fact was funded way, way before the deadline. Which? By the way? Thank you. Very, very happy.

Additionally, if we hit $10k in the remaining time, the editor is putting those funds toward a science fiction edition of the anthology, which would be awesome. So this is not over yet.

I also read a bit of my story, “The Cloak of Isis”, as well as wax slightly neurotic about it. Which is always fun. My neurosis is at least somewhat related to a post I made in my Dreamwidth recently on representation in fiction and the issues inherent in trying to write about a marginalized person’s experience when it’s not an experience that you technically share (basically I feel like it’s something that people should try, provided that they’re willing to learn from fuck-ups).

I want to keep doing these – not sure if anyone is really listening or not but I enjoy it – but I think I may need to investigate other hosting options, since my Soundcloud minutes are running out. Hm.

In the meantime, I have other really really awesome news to report but I can’t until things are more official, so in the meantime I’m just going to be obnoxiously cryptic about it. Oooh.

Not-Podcast: Subtle world-building fails and current WIPs

Fresh new post-comps edition of the ongoing podcast-esque project. I talk about something I’m running into in one of the books I’m currently reading that is proving to be a barrier to me really immersing myself in its world, and that I feel is often a stumbling block when it comes to constructing really vital, believable fantastic worlds of any kind – especially hard to deal with because of its subtlety.

I also read a bit from one of my current two WIPs (short SF time travel-gone-wrong piece). The text of it is after the cut. Enjoy.

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Podcast-esque thing: Comfort food edition

Given that I take my second (and last, thank God) comprehensive exam tomorrow, I spend this week’s blatheratorium talking about one of my favorite books from when I was nine and spending six sun-drenched, magical months with my family in Portugal: Duncton Wood by William Horwood. I read from a bit of it.

The book in question, for any interested readers, does appear to be available for pretty cheap prices in both hardcover and paperback on Amazon. I’m sure it can be gotten elsewhere, too. And yes, it really is entirely worth it.

New edition of The Not-Podcast Thing

Wherein I talk about how I personally go about finding fiction markets, I read a bit of the current novel-shaped object, and my cat yells at me.

I like doing these, and I like Soundcloud, but I think I may need to move to a different host. At some point I’m going to run out of space.

As always, please give me things to talk about if you want me to talk about about anything specific.

The text of the excerpt I read is under the cut.

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Audio-blog-not-podcast-maybe: Yay I’m feeling better and I wrote a thing

New thing-what-I-don’t-feel-comfortable-calling-a-podcast. Turns out I’m feeling a lot better this week. Also I wrote a story that I actually like. I read a bit of it. Text of the excerpt is under the cut.

As always, please get in touch with me with any questions, anything you want me to read or talk about –  really anything.

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New semi-sort-of-maybe-podcast episode

So faced with the fact that – right now, at least – writing blog posts is hard for me, I’ve decided to try just talking. I hesitate to call it a podcast. It’s podcast-esque.

Note: I mean that I’m in my third year of grad school. Not third semester. Blahblah.

You can read the excerpt I read aloud below. From untitled time-travel-war-thing.

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Assorted updates

Okay, so, a number of things have happened since I last posted.

First: THE NOVEL IS DONE. Well, the first draft is. But I generally write relatively complete first drafts, so I don’t anticipate very much needing to be done to the structure of the thing in the editing stage–which I plan to start in a couple of weeks. I may have to vanish again right about then but for the present I plan to return to at least a semi-regular posting schedule.

Second, my numbers station-inspired story “The Cold Death of Papa November” is now up to read for free at Three-Lobed Burning Eye. You can also hear me reading it at that link (and you can download the mp3 for ipodery). I really do love that weird piece of… something. The story, I mean. I’m glad it’s been loosed on the world. And the rest of that issue of 3LBE is very worth your time.

And finally, another plug for Shadows & Tall Trees #2: Issue #1 sold out, and it’s very likely that this one will too, given the limited print run and the fact that people seem to like the magazine. So if you want it, I’d get it sooner rather than later. It is also very worth your time, and not just because of me (seriously, Steve Rasnic Tem’s piece in there is way unsettling).

And that’s it for me for now. But watch this space.