Announcing: Gone

I already unveiled this on Twitter and Tumblr yesterday, but allow me to also do so here: I’ve semi-launched an episodic fiction horror podcast called Gone.

I absolutely love horror/thriller/mystery podcasts – TANIS, The Black Tapes, Alice Isn’t Dead, Limetown, and Rabbits, just to name a few that I’ve been into. I already do a podcast focused on my particular shippy corner of The Walking Dead fandom, but I’ve been wanting to branch out and try some new stuff, learn some new things, and see if I can even vaguely approximate the pleasurable creepy of the podcasts I already adore.

The format is a kind of audio journal (because when you’re one person working by yourself with a cheap mic and Audacity that tends to be easiest) and the premise is simple: Our protagonist awakens one morning to discover that everyone in the immediate area – and perhaps everywhere – has disappeared without any indication as to what happened or where they’ve gone. At first everything – except for the total absence of everyone – appears eerily normal. Then, bit by bit, that changes.

You can hear a very short teaser at the link above, and the premiere will drop next Wednesday the 26th. It’s going to be updating every other Wednesday, with the caveat that, as I said above, I’m one person doing everything myself, and now and then I may simply not be able to keep to the schedule down to the exact day. But I’ll try my best.

As of right now I don’t have a Patreon or a tip jar or anything set up for it, but watch for that at some point soon. Also I’m still waiting on Apple Podcasts to verify it but once they have, you’ll be able to subscribe that way.

I really hope you like this, guys. I’m frankly pretty nervous about it. I care very much about doing it well. Hopefully I will, and you’ll enjoy it. ❤️

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