my #WisCon41 schedule!

I’m super excited about this lineup, lemmetellya. Plus, the panel on shipping? Yeah, thanks to my experience of TWD fandom, I’m gonna have some feelings to express there.

I’ll also have copies of my short fiction collection, and both Labyrinthian and Long Hidden, both of which are now sadly out of print. But you can snap ’em up there direct from me.

You Can’t Force Load a Canon

Track(s): Fandom as a Way of Life (Gaming)
Description: Let’s have a discussion about fan entitlement across all forms of media. It isn’t just limited to games. Why are some fans this way? Does it harm a fandom when fans go beyond head canon into demanding their ship become canon? (Inspired by this post:
Location: Caucus
Schedule: Sat, 8:30–9:45 am
Panelists: M: Tanya D.. Sunny Moraine, Mark Oshiro, Saathi P.
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From Fan To Creator
Track(s): The Craft and Business of Writing (Fandom as a Way of Life)
Description: Every creator starts out as a fan of something. In a social media driven culture, where fans connect across the globe, we often find creators emerging from feeds and friends lists. These tight-knit fan communities are great at producing the next crop of creators, but even if we regard our particular fan community as egalitarian and democratic, becoming a creator means engaging with fan culture in a different way. Let’s discuss the realities creators face when they make the switch from consuming entertainment to producing it at a professional level. What does this transition really look like? What’s the cost of moving from fan to creator? Where do fan creators fit into this process?
Location: Wisconsin
Schedule: Sat, 1:00–2:15 pm
Panelists: M: Mark Oshiro. Becky Allen, Mikki Kendall, Theo Nicole Lorenz, Sunny Moraine, Michi Trota
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Revenge of Mecha Miscreants and Municipal Mysticism
Description: Once again, we read our bewitching blend of robot action and urban fantasy thrills. Can you handle the excitement?
Location: Capitol B
Schedule: Sat, 4:00–5:15 pm
Panelists: Charlie Jane Anders, Claire Light, Sunny Moraine, Annalee Newitz, Mark Oshiro
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Social Media in 2017
Track(s): Science and Technology (Fandom as a Way of Life)
Description: LiveJournal is now hosted in Russia and doesn’t support HTTPS. Facebook is infected with fake news and trolls (not to mention giving us only random access to what friends have to say). Twitter keeps adding features we don’t want and allowing trolls to flourish. What’s worth using? Is there any way to change the social media landscape?
Location: University C
Schedule: Sat, 10:30–11:45 pm
Panelists: M: Rachel Kronick. K. Tempest Bradford, Emma Humphries, Sunny Moraine
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Art & Writing as Tools of Resistance
Track(s): Feminism and Other Social Change Movements
Description: I’ve discussed my photography work in progress, Memory Landscapes, a feminist memoir, several times in panels at Wiscon. The memoir is my personal story, and of course includes my history in art and activism. My attitude towards this work has been profoundly affected by the disturbing changes in our social and political world. I want us to examine the ways in which our work, memory and political convictions interact and entwine as we respond to these changes. Art and writing can be powerful tools of resistance. I would like to have a conversation with the panelists and the audience about what approaches and choices make our work powerful and effective during these uncertain and frightening times.
Location: Capitol A
Schedule: Sun, 8:30–9:45 am
Panelists: M: Andrea D. Hairston. Susan Simensky Bietila, W. L. Bolm, Carlie Forsythe, Sunny Moraine
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How to Ship Without Being a Jerk, and Other Guidelines for Being Good Citizens of Fandom
Track(s): Fandom as a Way of Life (Reading, Viewing, and Critiquing Science Fiction)
Description: Everybody hates shipper wars, but nobody trusts the cult of nice, and at some point many of us have been tempted to send a snarky postcard/email/tweet to the Author or Showrunner Who Ruined It All Because They Just Didn’t Get It. But just because the Powers that Be are the worst doesn’t mean we have to be. How do we have conversations about the fandoms we all love without ruining friendships? Are those even the right goals? If not, what is a better way to look at it?
Location: University B
Schedule: Sun, 10:00–11:15 pm
Panelists: M: Ty Blauersouth. Leigh Hellmann, KJ, Sunny Moraine
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Canon vs Fandom
Track(s): Fandom as a Way of Life (Reading, Viewing, and Critiquing Science Fiction)
Description: The resurgence of sequels and expansions to existing franchises has started filling in the gaps where fandom and fanfiction once dwelled. Because of these additions, lifelong fans have been faced with the dilemma of whether to abandon their own headcanons and ideas of where the stories should go and accept the new stories as canon, or to reject them and continue their own speculation. Harry Potter and Star Wars, for example, have created new stories that raise questions of what happens when fandom rejects canon, or when the fandom and canon seem to have different values and goals. In this panel we will discuss who gets the final say in what these worlds look like: the fans who have made these stories as popular as they are or the corporations expanding on existing canon.
Location: Conference 2
Schedule: Mon, 10:00–11:15 am
Panelists: M: Jess Adams. Molly Aplet, Katie Clapham, Sunny Moraine
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The SignOut
Description: Come and sign your works, come and get things signed, come and hang out and wind down before you leave.
Location: Capitol/Wisconsin
Schedule: Mon, 11:30 am–12:45 pm
Panelists: Charlie Jane Anders, Paul Dale Anderson, Eleanor A. Arnason, Robyn Bennis, K. Tempest Bradford, Moondancer Drake, Timmi Duchamp, Amal El-Mohtar, Ruthanna Emrys, Alexandra Erin, Andrea D. Hairston, Naomi Kritzer, David D. Levine, Nancy Jane Moore, Sunny Moraine, Pat Murphy, Beth Plutchak, Kiini Ibura Salaam, Cath Schaff-Stump , Nisi Shawl, Jan Suzukawa, Sheree Renée Thomas, Amy Thomson, Nancy Vedder-Shults, Cynthia Ward
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