FALL AND RISING news/updates

Book release weeks are always a bit nuts. More nuts when they happen to coincide with the first week of the semester, and – yes – I’m teaching again. Didn’t expect that, but honestly it’s kind of nice to be back in the saddle.

Except the grading. That will never ever ever ever be nice.

ANYWAY. Stuff has been happening. My blog tour is still going on – today is the last day – which means two things: You can still enter to win a signed copy of the paperback and two bracelets I made, or a copy of the ebook (giving two of those away). AND it means that Line and Orbit, the book’s prequel/book 1 in the trilogy, is still $.99 over at Samhain.  So this is a pretty nifty package deal of goodies and sundries.

And yesterday was very nice because RT Book Reviews gave Fall and Rising a lovely nod:

The contrast of intimate exchanges with high risk, momentous events and a highly detailed interplanetary setting is sure to keep readers’ imaginations and hearts engaged…

So wow. Yeah. It’s been a week. And there’s other stuff that I should write about, but I think it may have to wait.

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