OKAY HI I’m still alive and there’s stuff

Okay SO. I’ve been radio-silent for a while. There are a number of reasons for this, among them that I’ve been eyes-deep in editing the Line and Orbit sequel. That’s finally starting to edge across the finish line, though edits on the other two books I have forthcoming will be starting imminently, so expect more silence. I’ll try to be more active in general, but. Editing. Those of you who have done it – you know that of which I speak. You grok. The editing.

But there is Stuff.

  • My intensely depressing postapocalyptic thing “Come My Love and 800_Shimmer-24-Cover-1I’ll Tell You a Tale” came out in last month’s issue of Shimmer and is available to read for free here. Tangent’s review of it said: “It is a testament to the story that it managed to leave me just sort of staring blankly ahead, a dull ache inside me and the feeling of just having crawled up from somewhere dark and hot and hostile. ” So you should read it immediately is what I’m saying here.
  • I have a story in the very recently released anthology of writing-flesh_made_word_final_cover_510focused erotica The Flesh Made Word, now available in ebook and trade paperback from Circlet Press. The anthology itself is really really really good and I recommend it highly. My story is also decent, I think. I’ll be doing a giveaway tomorrow, so if you want RED HOT WRITER SMUT for free you’ll have a chance to acquire some.
  • I’ll be at Balticon at the end of this month. Programming details still to be announced; will post when they’re up. If you’ll be in the area, come by. Should be real fun.
  • The Humanity of Monsters, the anthology in which my story “The Horse Latitudes” will be reprinted along with STUFF BY PEOPLE THAT’S SO GREAT I CAN’T EVEN DEAL, has revealed its fabulous cover, and I do mean fabulous: the-humanity-of-monsters_final-2

Other stuff… Not much new to report. Editing is the business of the day and all the other days too. Hopefully will have news on books soon; I have cover art that I’m very excited to share, there will be more exciting things happening… Stay tuned.

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