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Balticon schedule!

Because I’ll be there this weekend. Come say hi if you’ll be in the area.

Saturday 23rd

11:00 AM Writing Diverse Characters: Archetypes vs. Stereotypes Derby
Jennifer R Povey (M), Day Al-Mohamed, Stephanie Burke, Sunny Moraine, Don Sakers, Melissa Scott (50 minutes)
A panel on handling diversity in fiction for less experienced writers, dealing with things like avoiding tokenism, learning confidence in presenting ‘different’ characters.
5:00 PM Treading Lightly: Writing Troublesome Things Derby
Maria V Snyder (M), Paul E. Cooley, Tom Doyle, Kelly A Harmon, Sunny Moraine (50 minutes)
While a bad thing may not be happening to your character at the time, the world isn’t a happy place. Join a discussion on how writers approach the big topics that are potential minefields (crime, war, tragic events, medical issues, politics, religion, etc.)
10:00 PM Diversity in Popular Culture: Fad or New Normal? Salon B
Jean Marie Ward (M), Day Al-Mohamed, Stephanie Burke, William Galaini, Sunny Moraine (50 minutes)
Diversity and representation has been a hot topic in SF/F literature, gaming, and other parts of fandom and popular culture over the past few years. Is this a phase or a watershed moment in the broader pop culture landscape? What role can individual readers, writers, and fans play in this discussion?

Sunday 24th

8:00 PM Point of View and Narrator Swapping Chase
Maria V Snyder (M), Meriah Crawford, Christie Meierz, Sunny Moraine (50 minutes)
What effect does who’s telling the story have? Can you switch it around and still have the reader follow?
11:00 PM Confess Your Writer’s Sins Derby
Sunny Moraine (M), Sue Baiman, James Daniel Ross, Jay Smith, Alex White (50 minutes)
What have you done in your writing that truly shames you? What do you look back at and cringe? What lessons have you learned from screwing up as badly as you have? Tell all and cleanse your writerly soul.

Especially looking forward to the writer’s sins one, I proposed it because I believe in healing.

Also embarrassment.

OKAY HI I’m still alive and there’s stuff

Okay SO. I’ve been radio-silent for a while. There are a number of reasons for this, among them that I’ve been eyes-deep in editing the Line and Orbit sequel. That’s finally starting to edge across the finish line, though edits on the other two books I have forthcoming will be starting imminently, so expect more silence. I’ll try to be more active in general, but. Editing. Those of you who have done it – you know that of which I speak. You grok. The editing.

But there is Stuff.

  • My intensely depressing postapocalyptic thing “Come My Love and 800_Shimmer-24-Cover-1I’ll Tell You a Tale” came out in last month’s issue of Shimmer and is available to read for free here. Tangent’s review of it said: “It is a testament to the story that it managed to leave me just sort of staring blankly ahead, a dull ache inside me and the feeling of just having crawled up from somewhere dark and hot and hostile. ” So you should read it immediately is what I’m saying here.
  • I have a story in the very recently released anthology of writing-flesh_made_word_final_cover_510focused erotica The Flesh Made Word, now available in ebook and trade paperback from Circlet Press. The anthology itself is really really really good and I recommend it highly. My story is also decent, I think. I’ll be doing a giveaway tomorrow, so if you want RED HOT WRITER SMUT for free you’ll have a chance to acquire some.
  • I’ll be at Balticon at the end of this month. Programming details still to be announced; will post when they’re up. If you’ll be in the area, come by. Should be real fun.
  • The Humanity of Monsters, the anthology in which my story “The Horse Latitudes” will be reprinted along with STUFF BY PEOPLE THAT’S SO GREAT I CAN’T EVEN DEAL, has revealed its fabulous cover, and I do mean fabulous: the-humanity-of-monsters_final-2

Other stuff… Not much new to report. Editing is the business of the day and all the other days too. Hopefully will have news on books soon; I have cover art that I’m very excited to share, there will be more exciting things happening… Stay tuned.