What are my social medias and how do I use them: general information

It occurs to me that I’ve been using Tumblr in a really different way lately, as well as getting some new followers, so I figure – if anyone cares – it might be useful to summarize how I use each social media thing and what you can expect if you follow me at any of them or if you want to or if you do after you read this.

  • Twitter (@dynamicsymmetry). Day to day minute to minute shit. Screaming about emotions, links, talking about writing and politics and random opinions. Retweets that are either odd or obnoxiously political or both. I’m very, very active here.
  • Tumblr (dynamicsymmetry). These days, mostly fandom, specifically¬†The Walking Dead (tv). Meta of same. Yelling about same. Gifsets, of that and other things. Fashion. Fantasy art (not mine). Occasional Social Justice Warrioring. Music. Fanfiction. These days I’m very active here as well.
  • Facebook (Sunny Moraine). Kind of a mishmash of the above, with more links and less fandom. I tend to use this one the least.
  • Instagram (sunnymoraine). Makeup selfies. Among other things. This usually crossposts to all of the above.

So yeah. To anyone who already follows me at one or all of those, thank you and/or I’m sorry.

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