RAVENFALL giveaway: Day 2!


So once again I’m late with this – very sorry, the last few days have gotten pretty rough for a number of reasons. But! Giving things away makes everything feel nicer, so welcome to Day 2 of the Great Ravenfall giveaway, wherein I’ll be giving away four sets of Crowflight and Ravenfall – the first two books in the Casting the Bones trilogy – as well as four separate thematic bracelets.

This round’s bracelet is “The Lady’s Silver”:

"The Lady's Silver"
“The Lady’s Silver” – August 12

AND THIS ROUND’S WINNER IS: Jenelle! Woooooooo Jenelle!

Remember, if you didn’t win this time around, you’ll get two more chances before the final drawing on the 16th. And you can still enter! (scroll to the bottom for the entry form).

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