Here is the long-promised good news post

Let’s have some happy things.

  • Line and Orbit is finally out in print. I have waited a very long time for this day, that was actually last week but I had a lot going on. It can still be purchased at a very nice discount here and at a slightly less nice discount but a discount nevertheless here.
  • RT Magazine has a very cool interview with me and my co-author up on their site, wherein we talk about writing the book and space travel and other cool stuff.
  • Winners of both giveaways have been notified and copies either have been mailed or will be mailed very soon. I threw in some temporary tattoos. RAINBOW temporary tattoos. Because who wouldn’t want those. People who hate JOY, that’s who.
  • The current issue of Lightspeed, which includes a thing by me, is available for purchase here. My story, which is a MISANDRIST retelling of The Little Mermaid, will go live tomorrow.

Aren’t those happy things? Yes, they are. Now I have to go prep for class. Yay.

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