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Dorothy L. Sayers hits it eerily on the nose

tailorsTo the extent that one can hit something eerily.

“You see, I’m wondering just exactly how the—the——”

“How they got the body there? Yes, I thought you’d be wondering that. I’ve been wondering, too. Uncle doesn’t think it’s nice of me to wonder anything of the sort. But it really makes things easier to do a little wondering, I mean, if you’re once interested in a thing it makes it seem less real. That’s not the right word, though.”

“Less personal?”

“Yes; that’s what I mean. You begin to imagine how it all happened, and gradually it gets to feel more like something you’ve made up.”

“H’m!” said Wimsey. “If that’s the way your mind works, you’ll be a writer one day.”

“Do you think so? How funny! That’s what I want to be. But why?”

“Because you have the creative imagination, which works outwards, till finally you will be able to stand outside your own experience and see it as something you have made, existing independently of yourself. You’re lucky.”

“Do you really think so?” Hilary looked excited.

“Yes—but your luck will come more at the end of life than at the beginning, because the other sort of people won’t understand the way your mind works. They will start by thinking you dreamy and romantic, and then they’ll be surprised to discover that you are really hard and heartless. They’ll be quite wrong both times—but they won’t ever know it, and you won’t know it at first, and it’ll worry you.”

“But that’s just what the girls say at school. How did you know? . . . Though they’re all idiots—mostly, that is.”

“Most people are,” said Wimsey, gravely, “but it isn’t kind to tell them so. I expect you do tell them so. Have a heart; they can’t help it.”

– Dorothy L. Sayers, The Nine Tailors

Some music for snowfall

From Snowmageddon 2010, by the husband.

We’re getting the first heavy snowfall of the winter here in the DC area, so I went out for a walk in it with some musical accompaniment (and I got kinda lost and I saw a bunny!). A few songs struck me as particularly perfect for a walk in the snow, and I thought I’d share them, starting with one I almost always use for such perambulations.

(Mark Isham’s “Many Chinas” should be in here but I couldn’t find a clip on YouTube that was embeddable. But it’s great.)

A reading of “A Heap of Broken Images”

I recorded this a while ago but never did anything with it, so – Happy New Year – here is me reading my short story “A Heap of Broken Images”, for those of you who like your fiction audible. Hope you enjoy.