2013: a Writerly Review

Two things happened recently that are very good.

First, Line and Orbit got a Top Pick in RT Book Reviews. The review is here, but is behind a paywall for the next couple of months. However, it includes words like:

[A] delightful romance with a brilliantly clever science fiction twist…A truly innovative story that will even reward after multiple reads.

Also, Lois Tilton has picked me as her “2013 new author of promise”, as well as selecting my story “Event Horizon” as one of her four standout pieces of the year from Strange Horizons.

Given those yay-worthy tidbits, it seems like a good time to review 2013, which was a pretty great year, all told.

  • Novels. I wrote four of these and most of a fifth. They are: Wordsinger, which is unpublished and is making the agent rounds; the first version of Fall and Rising (the sequel to Line and Orbit), which will probably never see the outside of my hard drive; Labyrinthian, which will hopefully get picked up for a 2014 release; Ravenfall (the sequel to Crowflight); and the fifth almost-complete one is the second version of Fall and Rising. I had two novels see publication, Line and Orbit and Crowflight. Line and Orbit earned me my first starred review in Publisher’s Weekly. Hopefully it won’t be the last. It also took silver in the Best Gay SF and bronze in the Best Gay Debut categories of the Rainbow Awards.
  • Short fiction. Seven stories published in all. Full list here.  Two of them – “Event Horizon” and “A Heap of Broken Images” – were given the status of “recommended” by Lois Tilton at Locus. “A Heap of Broken Images” was selected by Gardner Dozois for the 31st volume of The Year’s Best Science Fiction, my first and again hopefully not last appearance there. Other high points: I made my second appearances in Clarkesworld, Shimmer, and Strange Horizons. I’m probably most proud of “A Heap of Broken Images”, not only for the recognition it’s gotten but for the company it has in We See a Different Frontier, which is an amazing  anthology that I’m incredibly happy to have been featured in.
  • Coming up. The print edition of Line and Orbit will be out on February 4th, and I’ll be giving a signed copy away. Ravenfall will probably be out from Masque Books sometime this coming year, though nothing is finalized yet.  I have stories coming out in both Apex and Lightspeed, as well as a story in the anthology Long Hidden. Hopefully there will be much more on the way.
  • Goals. I hope to have Rookwar, the final book in the Casting the Bones trilogy, done in the next few months. I mean to write the final chapter of the story I and my co-author began in Line and Orbit. I don’t think Labyrinthian will get a sequel – I feel like I did all I want to with those characters – but there is another novel in the Line and Orbit universe that I want to write, probably concerning Ixchel’s past and her relationship with Adisa (ah, doomed love). I would really like to have an agent by this time next year. I have several short stories that I’m working on and of course I always want to be producing those. I love novels and I’m spending a lot of time on them these days but I will always need to write short stuff, I think.

So yeah, 2013 was pretty much awesome. If 2014 continues the trend, I’ll consider myself both happy and fortunate indeed.

2 thoughts on “2013: a Writerly Review

  1. kamo says:

    Hi Sunny. I’ve only read one of your stories (though looking to rectify that as time allows), but I wanted to say that A Heap of Broken Images is excellent and you have every right to be proud of it. Hope 2014 is even more productive for you than 2013. KUTGW.

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