Crowflight, Line and Orbit sequel, We See a Different Frontier, other assorted news

THERE ARE SOME ITEMS OF NEWS. I was going to post about them bit by bit as they came but they sort of stacked up, so here is a rather abbreviated list.

  • The draft for Fall and Rising – the Line and Orbit sequel, if you’re just joining us – has been completed and sent off to the publisher. Hopefully there will be some news regarding that very soon now, and hopefully it will be news of the good variety. It’s really very different from the first book in a number of ways, but I think it also makes sense in terms of where it’s taking things. I hope so, anyway.
  • The line edits for Crowflight have been completed (mostly) and it seems like it’s on track for its scheduled September release. Expect more stuff on that later this week and in the weeks to come, including a chance to win a copy of the book.
  • The sequel to Crowflight, Ravenblood, has passed the halfway point in terms of drafting and I have high hopes that I’ll be able to complete it by the end of September. Which is mostly just exciting for me at this point, but there you go anyway.
  • We See a Different Frontier has gotten a really great review over at Locus, and my story “A Heap of Broken Images” has been given the status of “recommended”. Which I’ve never gotten before, so that’s pretty cool. I’ve started reading my contributor copy of the anthology, and dude. Dude. I’m not suggesting that you buy it, I’m telling you that you need to. Or, if you prefer to win it, I’ll be giving one lucky person a chance to do so here pretty soon. Stay tuned.

That’s basically it. But watch for more. Exciting times ahead.

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