Line and Orbit’s Lochlan and Adam: Super-exclusive and totally for actual real interview

As work on the Line and Orbit sequel continues, I thought it might be appropriate to check on the previous book’s two main characters. Between Line and Orbit and its sequel, a lot of time has passed, there’s a bunch of catching up to do, and anyway I miss them both. So I managed to get hold of them and sit them down for a short chat… Which Lochlan of course entirely highjacked and stripped of any decorum or meaningful substance it might have had.

He’s basically a jerk. See for yourself, after the cut.


So how are you?

Lochlan: Don’t you know?

I dunno, in the sequel we’re writing there are about six months where no one knows where either of you are.

Lochlan: Ah. Well, we’re fine, then, in as much as two people on the run from a very powerful and very dangerous government that very much would like to see us dead can ever be fine.

Adam: Did you actually have to do that? I got the sense at the end of the last book that we might be getting a break.

Yeah, but guys… C’mon. Conflict. What, you wanted us to write a book that’s entirely you both lounging on a pleasure planet somewhere and frequently screwing?

Lochlan: Wouldn’t have said no, when it comes to that. Given that we only got the two scenes in the first one… Adam? Aren’t you a little disappointed we didn’t get to really show off for the audience? I mean, your pretty little ass alone.

Adam: Can we not? In front of the author?

Lochlan: Like they weren’t lurking in the corner every single time.

I am the author. I get certain privileges.

Adam: You must have questions that don’t involve our sex life. If you don’t, I’ll thank you to make some up now.

Fine. What was your favorite part of the first book?

Lochlan: I thought you were going to ask us questions that didn’t involve our sex life.

Adam: Unfortunately, if you ignore him, he doesn’t actually go away.


Lochlan. Okay, okay. I guess I’d have to say the dance on the High Fields. That was… fun. Okay, for sex-related reasons, but for other reasons as well.

Adam: Yeah?

Lochlan: Yes, chusile. You’re a very good dancer.

Adam: We’ll have to do more of that.

Lochlan: There’s a particular move I could show you. Lot of moves, actually.

Adam: This is a losing battle, isn’t it?

Lochlan: Like you’d even want to win.


Adam: Klashorg. I just… It was beautiful. It wasn’t like anywhere I’ve ever been. Not since then, either. I’d love to go back there. You could make that happen, right?

Maybe. It’s not like I have complete control over all of this. Along those lines, what do you want to see in the second book that you didn’t see in the first?

Lochlan: See, now all I can do is laugh at you.

You’d be doing that anyway.

Lochlan: They speak true.

Adam: I want to see some hope. I left Ashwina to do a job, I want to see that I’ve been able to do at least some of it. I wanted to help people. I want to have been allowed to get to at least a few of them in time.

Lochlan: Oh, dearest. Your tender heart.

Adam: I saw you on the Plain, Lock. We both did our share of crying that day.

Lochlan: Yes. In fact… Can we have less of that? I’d like to see less of that.

Like I said, fellas. No can do.

Lochlan: All death and horror from here on out, eh? Well, knowing you.

Adam: Sometimes I wish this was a job I could quit.

Don’t we all. Okay, who wins in a fight? Lochlan or Kae?

Lochlan: Oh, really?

Adam: I would pay so much to see this happen. Also, Kae. In two rounds.

Lochlan: You’d give me two rounds? You put that much faith in me? Chusile, I’m so moved by you.

Adam: Two only if Kae gives you a couple free punches. Which you know he would.

Lochlan: He would. His heart rivals yours in delicate sensitivity.

Adam: While he’s breaking your face.

Lochlan: I think you’re enjoying this idea just a touch more than I’m comfortable with.

Adam: Taste of your own medicine, chusile.

Okay, guys. I need to get back to work on your goddamn sequel. Any last words for the nice people?

Lochlan: You’re all hopelessly beautiful and I would bed each and every one of you if Adam wouldn’t be cross. Also, his ass really is that amazing.

Adam: This is what I put up with, every hour of every day. But anyway, thank you all for sharing this with us, for coming as far as you have. We’ll see you soon.

Lochlan: No thanks to our author friend here.

Adam: Yeah, you’re on probation for a whole host of reasons.

I always am. Thanks, everyone.

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