Line and Orbit: Looking to the future

image by Etwoo

Release Week for Line and Orbit is almost done, and oh, what a week it’s been. It’s been great to see people reading and reviewing on Goodreads, seeing what people are liking about the book, what’s striking a chord with people – it’s been so much fun. Those of you who have reviewed it already, thank you so much. Those of you who are reading now and come out of the experience pleased, the single best thing you can do for us is to leave a rating or a review, or to blog about it, or to otherwise spread the word, because word-of-mouth is what a book like this really needs.

But as we come out of this week and into the next, I find that what I’m really thinking about isn’t the present, but what’s coming next for this universe. Because yeah, I feel comfortable being very clear about this now: Sequels are in the works. (very mild spoilers for the first book below. hints, really, more than anything.)

Specifically, two of them. Yes, this is probably going to be the dreaded trilogy. I’m mulling over the possibility of a prequel, too, but that’s a long way off if it happens at all.

We intended for there to be sequels pretty early on. In fact, if you notice that the ending of Line and Orbit is a bit open, that’s because it’s very intentionally being left open. A ‘verse this big feels like it can accommodate way more than one story (and has, in fact, already accommodated two others).

So what are they going to look like? Line and Orbit isn’t really that heavy on the romance, but it does focus on one specific relationship through the course of the plot, and we’re planning on having the two sequels do the same. They won’t be focusing on Adam and Lochlan, though I think one could expect to maybe possibly see them again. Instead, we’re approaching this as a great opportunity to do more with some of the secondary characters we love, as well as introduce new ones. And of course, the background to all of this: Things at the end of Line and Orbit are still very much in question. A happy future isn’t by any means assured.

In fact, at the opening of the first sequel, you can expect things to be pretty grim. The months that have passed haven’t been kind to anyone. And worse may be to come…

No timeframe on when these will be done, but we’re working as fast as we can, so hopefully people who want more won’t have to wait long. In the meantime, we’re so glad that people seem to be enjoying the book. Here’s to more.

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