Publisher’s Weekly gives me a Christmas present

I’ve already posted about this in a few places, but what the hell, might as well put it here too:

LineandOrbitSo I’m sitting on the couch in my parents’ house on Christmas Day evening, watching The West Wing with my brother and sister and dad and surfing around on my laptop, and I see that Publisher’s Weekly has reviewed Line and Orbit. Instant. Anxiety. omg what if they hated it

They didn’t.

Moraine (In the Pale Moonlight) and debut author Soem collaborate on a deliciously fulfilling gay sci-fi romance…Readers will fall for the engaging dialogue, wonderfully fleshed-out characters, a sexy and realistic romance, fully realized world-building, and a genuinely interesting science fictional core issue to work through. This phenomenal novel marks Moraine and Soem as authors to watch.

So Merry effing Christmas to me, basically.

Not every review is post-worthy, clearly, but this is the first starred review I’ve ever gotten from PW, and it’s my first novel, so yeah, I’m a little chuffed. Hopefully others like it as much.

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