Happy Halloween!

Want a free ghost story what I wrote? "The Cold Death of Papa November" is still up to read - and listen to - at Three-Lobed Burning Eye. And because I feel like it and I've been mainlining horror on Netflix Instant for the last two weeks, here are - in no particular order -... Continue Reading →

Line and Orbit: The Cast

This is the third of a series of posts that I've been doing to introduce the world of Line and Orbit and the people who inhabit it (if you missed any of the previous stuff, they're all linked here). This time I want to dig in to the characters themselves - our primary cast, at... Continue Reading →

Capclave 2012 Recap

As I'm sure you guessed from the post title, this is my Capclave 2012 recap. It was my first Capclave, and it's left me pretty goddamn wiped, so instead of writing something narratively coherent and richly descriptive I'm going to just vomit up a bunch of bullet points. If that's okay. The panels were great.... Continue Reading →

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