Updates, for lack of much else

So that reemergence of which I spoke in the last post was kind of a lie. Still not much in the way of regular blogging from me. But! Don’t think for a moment that I haven’t been busy anyway.

Line and Orbit is in its final editing stages, and we have preliminary cover art. It’s delicious and filling but I unfortunately can’t share it until it’s for-real finalized, which should hopefully be soon. It’s been great going through this process and watching my Big Gay Space Opera becoming an actual book that people will actually be able to buy.

I’m going to be doing a variety of promotional activities once I have cover art to promote it with and finalized text, but here’s a sneak peek at one of the things I’m planning on:


I make jewelry in my spare time sometimes – nothing that can hold a candle to the output of a lot of people I know, but I enjoy it – and I’ve made eight bracelets inspired by eight of the characters in the book. I’ll be giving them away in the weeks leading up to the release date, so watch for info on how you can enter in the upcoming months.

As for other work, the cyborg angel novel – now called Harbinger – is in the closing stretch. I’ll be posting a taste of it next week. I have no idea what I think of it at this point; I’m in the middle of Novel Fatigue and it’s a bad idea to make any quality judgments in that space. Right now I’m just focused on keeping my head down and finishing the thing. And trying desperately to not become too distracted by the idea I’ve been mulling over for the next big project (ooh cryptic).

Finally, let me point you toward a post my alter ego has done over at Cyborgology on writing about technology in both SF and contemporary fiction. Normally I don’t cross the streams, but this seemed relevant.

And I’m off to Denver for ASA tomorrow. Woo.

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