Comps/life/things update (SPOILER ALERT: I PASSED)

No podcasty-thing for this week, as I’m battling the second iteration of comps-related illness that I’ve had so far this year and my voice is a wreck (though perhaps it would actually be a husky, sexy wreck). However, since the last few installments have all dealt with my weathering of my comprehensive exams in some manner, I should note at this point that I’ve officially passed both and will be proceeding to PhD candidacy just as soon as I get my ass in gear enough to get the paperwork turned in.

So that’s good.

A couple of note-worthy things:

  • Circlet Press has fixed the malware issue on their site and it’s now safe to once again go and cast your vote for your top five favorite Circlet stories to be included in their best-of anthology. And again, my story “Catch & Release” is up for a vote, so if you haven’t voted for it that would be a lovely thing to do.
  • I’ve fixed some of the broken links on my fiction page; stories on sites that have vanished into the ether are now linked in their editions. I may actually host the stories here myself, but for now this seems like an okay stopgap. I’ve also linked to the Smashwords edition of “We Are Such Stuff”, lately out of print from Torquere Press.
  • I’m still working on the untitled angel novel and I really like where it’s going now.
  • Stay tuned for some super-awesome amazing news in the next week or so. Seriously, I can hardly stand it how much I want to talk about this right now.

Hopefully next week — or possibly even this Friday — we’ll be back with more audio. In the meantime, wash your hands carefully and frequently. Cough cough.

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