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PSA: Hiatus

I had high hopes for getting back to posting here regularly, but those hopes have been largely dashed; I need to continue the hiatus for at least another week. There’s good reason for it, though! I’m almost done with the first draft of the Mars novel, and right now I just need to put my head down and plow through that as quickly as I can, because until it’s done I won’t really be able to focus on much else that isn’t school-and-teaching-related.

At this rate I expect to be done by the end of next week. Here’s hoping, anyway.


I’ve asked a question over on my LJ/DW regarding the understandability/accessibility of stories that I would appreciate thoughts on, if you (dear reader) feel like popping over there and sharing them.

No particular reason why I ask the question; it was just something I was thinking about of a Thursday morning.

WIP Wednesday: More Mars novel-in-progress-and-almost-done-thank-God

I keep saying how I’m into the home stretch on this novel. The thing about home stretches: they stretch. A lot. The last book I did, the one I co-wrote? I think I was “almost done” with that thing for like three goddamn months. I don’t think that’s going to happen here, but man does this thing seem to be taking its time with ending.

But here’s another piece of it.

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Muse Monday: What’s My Motivation?

We’re back on the horse again. Kind of. The Mars novel is in the home stretch now, and I’m still trying to figure out how the semester can best be made manageable, so things might still be iffy for a while, but dammit, I’m making an effort. That’s probably the most one can ask.

And if one were to ask more I’d be all like “What? I’m trying. Piss off.” So.

So what’s been on my mind lately? Well, a lot of things. But mostly what’s been troubling me most with this book is motivation.

I don’t remember the first time the motivation of a character was an issue for me. I do know that it’s been an ongoing issue. I remember that there was a point –  really, a series of points – where I must have sat back in the middle of writing something and struggled with the realization that these people were not my puppets: I couldn’t just move them into whatever positions I wanted, at least not if I wanted a story that held together around them. They needed to have reasons for why they did the things they did, and those reasons had to be understandable to the average human being.

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WIP Wednesday Except Not Because Wait, What?

So I’ve been kind of AWOL on the blog for a while. Apologies – I had to spend a trying week in Las Vegas for an academic conference (when I could have been in Reno for Worldcon, goddammit), the beginning of the semester hit me like something truck-like, and basically it’s taken me a while to catch up to myself and reestablish some kind of a routine. I’m still working on that, actually. But letting things like blogging lapse has happened too much in the past, even if it makes sense to periodically triage it out when everything starts piling itself on, so I’m going to make a concerted effort to leap back into things now.

I need to finish up my blog series on storytelling and games, and I’m going to start posting Muse Mondays and WIP Wednesdays again, and in fact today would be a WIP Wednesday, except a thing happened yesterday that still has me sort of reeling a bit. It probably shouldn’t, given who’s involved, but then again… part of why it has me reeling is also who’s involved. So.

Let me explain.

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