Conning! Blogging!

Quick drive-by post to say two things, one of which I’ve already been yelling all over the Twitterverse: I AM AT WISCON COME SAY HI TO ME I DON’T KNOW ANYONE AND I’M SHY

Seriously. Just got here today and I’m sleep-deprived and still coming off some anti-anxiety meds that I took to help me with aviophobia, so I’m around and I want to meet people. I hope I meet YOU.

And the other thing is that I’ve written an essay on SF and what I’ve seen referred to in various places as “atemporality” at my buddies PJ Rey and Nathan Jurgenson’s Cyborgology blog. It’s possible that I’m full of shit, but hey, there it is anyway.

Going to start slouching in the direction of dinner. Follow me on Twitter for more minute-by-minute WisConning.

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