WisCon, journaling, and Agony and also Ecstasy

Whoa, okay, a bunch of items to cover, news-wise.

First: I will be at WisCon. This is extremely exciting for me, because WisCon is awesome, and because it’s my first con of really any kind (not counting academic conferences), not just the first one at which I will be making an Authorial Appearance. The schedule on the website is still preliminary, but it looks like I’ll be doing a reading, as well as sitting on two panels:

  • Smut & Nothing But Make a Baby (with co-readers Suzy Charnas and Jennifer K. Stevenson) – Smut & Nothing But returns to Wiscon with more readings of sex scenes from SF, fantasy, erotica, and romance.
  • What is the Duty of a Citizen? – What does it mean to be a citizen? A good citizen? A bad one? How does the very concept of citizenhood enfranchise some and exclude others? How is this concept tied up in notions of statehood and nationhood, and is that a good thing or not? To whom does a citizen’s duty and loyalties lie–to themselves, to their communities (geographical, cultural, other), to the state, to the world as a whole?
  • Communication Technologies as Tools of Revolution – First, let’s discuss the various communication technologies and the tools to use them: the Internet, satellite, cell and broadcast; email, instant messaging, social media, and ham radio. Then let’s talk about how they advance social change and how can we make them more effective in social change work. Some possibilities: routing around failure, preserving anonymity, collating assistance & organizing efforts, and auto-translating.

I’m especially excited about that last one, since I’ve just completed an MA dissertation on pretty much that exact thing.

So anyway, if you’re going to be there, please come say hi to the  awkward newbie. And if for some reason you’d like me to sign anything–copies of the issues of Icarus or Not One of Us or M-Brane SF Quarterly that I’m in, copies of Hellebore and Rue (which will hopefully have gone to print by then), PDF printouts, body parts–I will be beyond thrilled to do so.

Second, I’ve partially unlocked my Livejournal/Dreamwidth, in order to serve as a semi-public repository for stuff that’s too rambly or personal to include here. I’m actually doing a poem-a-day thing there for National Poetry Month, which I’m enjoying.

Finally but by no means leastly: Jane Litte over at Dear Author has launched the website for the Agony/Ecstasy anthology, and you can read a very quick snippet of my story here, as well as snippets of all the others. This book looks simply awesome. I might actually read from my story at WisCon, though I still have to figure all of that out.

And I think that’s it for now. This is shaping up to be a nutty spring, but at least most of the nuttiness is of a tasty and flavorful nature.

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