An acceptance I’ve been waiting for a longish time.

Strange Horizons has accepted my weird little tale of a lesbian robot in Uganda, “The Thick Night”, for publication sometime next spring. I originally wrote this for a benefit for Pakistan, so this means Médecins Sans Frontières is going to be getting some more money from me, which is awesome. I’ve also been trying to crack Strange Horizons for over a year, so this is awesome for that reason as well.

This marks my second SFWA pro sale. Hoping for a third soon.

I’m honestly a tiny bit nervous about this story; I was writing far, far outside my own experience in just about every possible way, and although I tried to be careful and tried to do good research, there’s always a risk there of having gotten something extremely wrong. I’ll get a chance to make some final edits, but at this point I only hope I didn’t inadvertently put my foot in any orifice where it doesn’t belong.

And even if I did… hey, learning experience. We all have them. Or we should.

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