Monthly Archives: September 2010

Woot, sale

My post-apocalyptic short “Centralia” to M-Brane SF, issue #21. I’ve been looking for a good place for this odd little tale for a while now, and I’m glad that I finally seem to have found one.

Hellebore & Rue cover!

I think it’s absolutely fantastic. Probably my favorite cover of anything I’ve been involved in. The table of contents isn’t anything to sneeze at, either:

Counterbalance by Ruth Sorrell
Trouble Arrived by C.B. Calsing
Personal Demons by Jean Marie Ward
The Windskimmer by Connie Wilkins
Sky Lit Bargains by Kelly A. Harmon
Gloam by Quinn Smythwood
Witches Have Cats by Juliet Kemp
D is for Delicious by Steve Berman
And Out of the Strong Came Forth Sweetness by Lisa Nohealani Morton
Bridges and Lullabies by Rrain Prior
Thin Spun by Sunny Moraine
A State of Panic by Rachel Green

Ebook release is set for mid October at this point. This has been a great project to be part of and I can’t wait to see the final result.


The reading at Sugar tonight was great. Thanks again to the wonderful Sugar for hosting us, to Beth Wylde for setting it all up, to her, Nobilis Reed, KI Thompson, and Stephanie Burke for reading with me, and to everyone who came to say hi. Hope you all had a fantastic time.

Live reading!

So it looks like I’ll be in Baltimore at 8 PM this Friday, reading some of my erotica at Sugar (very queer/woman-friendly sex toy store). I’ll be in the company of three other authors–Beth Wylde, Nobilis Reed, and Stephanie Burke–and it should be a great time, so if by some chance you’re in the area, come say hey.

Full info is here. The event is free.

As to what I’m reading… not sure yet. I’m leaning towards a couple different options. The thing about an event like this is that you’re always going to be sort of constrained by time–something that you can anticipate–and by the nature of your audience–which you can’t, so much. But I’ll probably be going with one of my lesbian stories. Possibly even one of my really early ones, which I think have aged relatively well for some reason. We’ll see.

This will also be the first reading I’ve ever done for an audience. So that’s a lot of fun, if slightly nerve-wracking.