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Release: Like a Veil

Like a Veil: Erotic Tales of the Arabian Nights, which features my story “Catch and Release”, is now officially out in a variety of formats from a variety of places. It’s an awesome little collection.

My story is a science fiction retelling of the 1001 Nights story “The Fisherman and the Jinni”. It’s a very rough retelling, adopting more the spirit of the story than sticking close to the original plot, and at first I wasn’t entirely sure how to approach it. But I drew some parallels in my mind between djinn imprisoned in lamps and strange, powerful alien entities imprisoned in drifting capsules, and taking the story and giving it a scifi bent seemed like an interesting way of going after it. The story itself turned into something of a fable regarding wanting to belong while at the same time rebelling against the things that threaten to tie you down to the merely conventional. The setting of a rebuilt, futuristic Baghdad, constantly in the background, served as a nice focal point for these two warring strands of past and future, the impossibly ancient and the profoundly new.

I also love the idea of Suleiman drifting in the solar winds, picking up all the trash that our space-faring descendants would doubtlessly generate. It’s an image that’s stuck with me long after the story was done.

NSFW excerpt under the cut.

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My lesbian fantasy short “The Art of Storm-Riding” to EM Lynley’s Rumpledsilksheets lesbian fairy tales anthology, coming soon (or so we hope) from Ravenous Romance.  It’s a retelling of the German fairy tale “The White Cat”, which has been knocking around in the back of my head since I was a child, and which I have actually attempted to retell three times now. Guess three’s the charm.

It’s a little weird–in addition to the lesbian twist, it’s set in North Africa and plays around with Egyptian mythology a bit–and I thought I was taking kind of a chance on it, but the weirdness of it seems to have paid off in terms of setting it apart in a favorable light, or so Lynley tells me.

In any case, I’m excited to be included, and I can’t wait to see the whole anthology. As always, watch this space for news.

Book release

In the Pale Moonlight, my queer medieval werewolf novella–man, that’s kind of a mouthful–is now on sale from Liquid Silver Books. You can find a sale page here, as well as an excerpt. My first release with LSB, Hieros, was pretty well received, and I hope this one will be as well, though it’s really a very different story in a lot of respects.

It’s also a much older story than Hieros… at least, much older by my standards of story age. It’s had kind of an interesting route to publication, which I talked briefly about at the LSB blog.

Regardless of the route, it’s out now–so go forth, pick yourselves up a copy, and, I hope, enjoy.